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Scientists discover the obvious: SUGAR IS BAD

Share I’ll just quote DIRECTLY from the mouths of the scientists who discovered this I-can’t-believe-this-wasn’t-obvious-enough discovery: “Sugary drinks can cause weight gain and...[Read more]

Why Fatloss is my main Concern and YOURS

Share A lot of people criticize me for focusing on fatloss more than anything else, generic but people fail to comprehend that they are FAT. What’s my definition of fat? Any number over 20% body...[Read more]

How to Suppress your Appetite and Minimize Sugar Cravings at Futoor

Share It’s simple and most importantly PROVEN. At least two-days-of-Ramadan-experimentation proven. As soon as you hear the Al Maghrib prayer, viagra open a 1.5 liter bottle of room temp, salve...[Read more]

Protein Shake Suhoor Options

Share I’m jumping right in with more options: [1] The Low Carb Muscle Builder - 1-1, website 2-1 or 2-2 ratio of Casein Protein Powder to Whey Protein Powder mixed in Water. Add these extra options...[Read more]
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