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Why You’re Fat: Sab el Gafsha

Share Similar to Lgaimat, price Sab el Gafsha’s bigger which means it packs more of a caloric punch: Per 100 grams or 2 pieces: 414 Calories So how many have you carelessly consumed yesterday? [View Full]

Heavy Futooring

Share Last Thursday, viagra 40mg I shifted my cheat meal from Suhoor to Futoor and it was THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! I started off with drinking a mere 250ml of water in order to enjoy my cheat meal and...[Read more]

Why You’re Fat: Machboos

Share Nothing screams LUNCH or FUTOOR more than a large plate of Machboos! So how does Machboos (Red Meat and Chicken) stack up calorie wise? Assuming you’ve dug a spoon, getting in ALL macros...[Read more]

Why You’re Fat: Lgaimat

Share Balls of dough deep fried to perfection then dipped in Saffron and Cardamom syrup. You see the picture above? 1 of those tasty critters will set you back 50 calories- AT LEAST! Tune in for more of...[Read more]
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