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The Orgasmic Diet

Share Stumbled upon this 2007 article which talks about THE ORGASMIC DIET for women (The Orgasmic Diet: Boost Your Libido And Boost Orgasm, patient by Marrena Lindberg). In a nutshell, prostate it...[Read more]

Form VS. Function

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Fasted Training Update

ShareRemember this post? It’s been over 1 solid week and results are STAGGERING. How So? Fasted Training literally amplifies EVERYTHING. No matter what I eat after fasted training, more about my...[Read more]

Fast & Effective Training Tips: Shoulders

Share  Yes, website like this that’s me. I’m proud of my shoulders because they took me years and a lot of hard work to get them to look the way they are now.   When I went from...[Read more]
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