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Under the Weather? Train, but Gently

Share You woke up this morning and you got the flu, discount a cold, check sore throat or whatever. Should you rest or keep training? Sports scientists at Ball State University in the United States say...[Read more]

How To Avoid Mercury Poisoning

Share If you’re a Fish junkie like me then you probably have to worry about Mercury poisoning. I consume a lot of Tuna, Salmon, viagra dosage Sardines and Shrimp throughout the week, yet I see...[Read more]

The Orgasmic Diet

Share Stumbled upon this 2007 article which talks about THE ORGASMIC DIET for women (The Orgasmic Diet: Boost Your Libido And Boost Orgasm, patient by Marrena Lindberg). In a nutshell, prostate it...[Read more]

Getting Sick? Drop the C! Load on ZINC

Share The first thing ANYONE and almost EVERYONE does is reach for those effervescent Vitamin C tablets whenever they start to feel under the weather. Vitamin C’s fine, stuff but it’s a little...[Read more]
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