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African Mango Craze

Share If you Google African Mango (a supplement for weight-loss), click you’ll see a huge list of reviews and articles promoting the stuff. However, none of them provide any useful sources to back...[Read more]

Ketogenic Dieting

Share Got a lot of requests in regards to Ketogenic dieting, medications so I guess it’s about time to write a brief. I won’t be going into scientific detail in order not to bore you guys...[Read more]

Cheat Meal or Cheat Day?

Share And the debate continues: “May I cheat? If yes, visit web how often? If no, page why not?” “Cheat Day or Cheat Meal? Why one meal and not an entire day?” “Do I have...[Read more]

Starbucks Chicken Caesar Wrap

Share    Part of Starbucks “Live Well” health initiative is to provide healthy alternatives to their consumers. So far, information pills they’ve managed to fail with their...[Read more]
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