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Reader’s Request: Hyderabadi Haleem

Share One of my readers requested if I could review a dish from [View Full]

Mark’s Ice Cream Post

ShareSummer’s here and it is hot as EVER! Cooling down with cold water or diet soda can get dull (although you should always reach for that bottle to avoid dehydration), thumb so Mark asked for...[Read more]

McDonald’s Chicken Snack Wrap

Share Woke up to a “please review this!” tweet on Twitter, cheap with a link leading to Banana Q8′s review of the new-to-Kuwait crispy chicken wrap. I haven’t tasted it yet, but...[Read more]

Effective Tips for CELLULITE

Share    This is a very short post, website but will provide enough information to rid yourself of the enemy that is CELLULITE! Since my blog’s very “reader-to-blogger” interactive,...[Read more]
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