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Napket Surprise: Neqsat Ermethan

Share This wasn’t supposed to be a surprise if I simply checked my email regularly. ANYWHO Napket took the time to deliver 3 kinds of Ramadan sweets, try of which one of them ranked SUPREME. Um...[Read more]

Half Way There

ShareToday marks Day 16 of the Holy and awesome month of Ramadan. Nothing much has changed from the last update except for a solid 4kg increase from my pre-Ramadan weigh-in. Monstrous Feedings Futoor’s...[Read more]

Al Marai Lite & No Sugar Added Creme Caramel

Share Let me point out that I haven’t discovered this low calorie delicious snack. poach blogged about it a while back, help and I’m here to tell you guys that Fahad Approves this. Before...[Read more]

Life With Cacao’s Ishta Soufleé

ShareFahad Al Fahad, treatment the owner of Lgaima Sweets KILLED IT. HE KILLED IT I TELL YOU! What you see below is Life With Cacao’s August Highlight- ISHTA SOUFLEE August’s highlight obviously...[Read more]
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