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Ramadan Weight Loss/Gain RESULTS Are IN!

ShareRemember when I asked you guys how much weight you’ve lost and gained in Ramadan? If you don’t, visit this site check out the post here. If you do, more about here are the results: Looks...[Read more]

A Few More Days

Share  I’ve been MIA for a few days due to work and late night prayers (Jyam). Unfortunately we’re almost at an end, this putting us back to our normal lives. Oh how I absolutely LOVE...[Read more]

Ramadan Food Fiesta Part UGH!

ShareSince you guys enjoyed our first Ramadan Food Fiesta, malady I decided to torture you a bit more and post a sequel. Enjoy! Low Calorie Rice Pudding   SoloPN’s Award Winning Nutella Dough   Vividly...[Read more]

Noufa’s Really Awesome Goowy Kinder Cookies

Share “Awesome” runs in the family, sale and my little sister Noufa isn’t short on awesome at all. You guys asked for the recipe based on what you saw here. The moment you’ve been...[Read more]
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