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Ramadan Q&A

ShareI went old school with my cheat meal this week. What you’re about to see is considered very dangerous. This is food porn at its damn best.     Everybody, medical meet Mustafa Atham...[Read more]


Share If you’re worried about not being able to maintain or build muscle in Ramadan, abortion then it is CRUCIAL that you carve what I’m about to say in your brain: MAINTAIN THE EXACT SAME...[Read more]

Weight-Lifting at Futoor

Share I didn’t want to lengthen my last post, approved so I chose to post this on its own. I’m sure many of you agree going to the gym after Futoor SUCKS. This is because people think the...[Read more]

Ramadan Dieting for Muscle

Share If you want to gain lean muscle or maintain your current lean muscle mass while burning a few kilos of fat, purchase then this post is for you. I’d also like to add the last post (Ramadan...[Read more]
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