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Share Got a lot of hits on my HGH post. Made me “hmmm” for a bit, information pills then got me thinking. I actually didn’t think that long. I just saw the amount of hits I got and then...[Read more]

Performance Enhancing Drugs

Share No- not protein powders, more about fat burners or amino acid pills. I’m talking about anabolic/androgenic steroids, information pills human growth hormone, clenbuterol, T3 and virtually...[Read more]

Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Low Antioxidant Levels

Share Italian researchers found that men with erectile dysfunction showed lower levels of antioxidants than men without ED. Reference In other really funny news, cure Egyptian researchers found that injecting...[Read more]

Finally! Prevention of Diabetes is HERE!

Share For 4 years, symptoms 602 pre-diabetic patients were studied to see whether or not a drug called Pioglitazone (an insulin sensitizer) cured Type-2 diabetes. Participants were at high risk of developing...[Read more]
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