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Burger Survey

Share This has absolutely NOTHING to do with health and fitness. It has a lot to do with curiosity- specifically mine. Burger joints are popping out faster than grass, information pills and since I’m...[Read more]

Banat El Thanaweya: A9yad

Share  This is a non-health and fitness related post. This is a short yet highly opinionated rant.   If you watch this really douchey show, viagra dosage you might not be at risk of obesity....[Read more]

13 Assassins: Pure Testerona!

Share  Haven’t seen a great movie in a VERY LONG TIME. Talk about unadulterated testosterone at its purest damn form! As an avid athlete, ed optimal hormone production is a NECESSITY, price...[Read more]

ISPs and MOC

Share This isn’t health and fitness related, recipe so you know what I’m about to say is worth the brief switch over. If you care about and love Kuwait as much as Marzoug and I do, then read...[Read more]
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