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Guilt-free Midnight Indulgence – Dried Wild Pollock & Dijon Mustard

Share Thanks to Basma from 13 Cups, prescription she told me about this awesome Asian grocery store called Singarea. The place was literally like I stepped into ASIA! They’ve got a ton of interesting...[Read more]

Hunger / Cravings Control

Share Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in winter is hard. I’m having a hard time controlling my cravings, but at the end of the day I’m winning the battle. Nevertheless, medicine cravings...[Read more]

The “Eat Your Heart Out at Dinner” Plan

Share I already Tweeted and Instagrammed the diet plan you’re about to see, stuff and I highly recommend you guys try it out. Upon Waking: 500ml of Water Breakfast (15-90 minutes later depending...[Read more]

Under the Weather? Train, but Gently

Share You woke up this morning and you got the flu, discount a cold, check sore throat or whatever. Should you rest or keep training? Sports scientists at Ball State University in the United States say...[Read more]
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