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Wheat Belly

Share Mark emailed me this amazing read about wheat and how it’s screwing the world over with its UBER unhealthy properties. To summarize, remedy and this is a direct copy and paste from the link...[Read more]


Share I’m not a fan of carbohydrate-based sports drinks. I’m also not a fan of combining carbohydrates with caffeine either. Puts Down Bottle of Gatorade and Red Bull… Excessive carbohydrate...[Read more]

Grocery Shopping – 27/7/2011

Share  DEL MONTE NO SUGAR ADDED CANNED FRUITS An entire can of sliced peaches costs you only 105 calories, site 0 grams of fat, order 21 grams of net carbohydrates, decease 3.5 grams of protein...[Read more]

The Ideal Snack

Share Snacking shouldn’t be looked at as a means to indulge in sugary and fatty sweets, more about as it’s currently¬†perceived. In a health and fitness¬†perspective, snacking should focus...[Read more]
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