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Taste of Nature Granola Bars

Share The people at Aqar International Trading Company sent me a couple of their organic food bars to review. Little did they know that I already reviewed them, price but since they’re so good I’ll...[Read more]

Fahad Approves…Instant Noodles?!

ShareNo I’m not, pharm but the selections below are the lesser of all evils. This is what you MAY feed on or feed your kids if they’re in the mood for instant noodles. I only indulge in Noodles...[Read more]

Grocery Shopping at The Sultan Center – 28/09/2011

Share Norganic Organic Cornflakes Gluten Free, symptoms Wheat Free, purchase Nut Free, Dairy Free and most importantly 100% ORGANIC. Sultan Center offers the original Corn Flakes that we all know and...[Read more]

Grocery Shopping – 27/7/2011

Share  DEL MONTE NO SUGAR ADDED CANNED FRUITS An entire can of sliced peaches costs you only 105 calories, site 0 grams of fat, order 21 grams of net carbohydrates, decease 3.5 grams of protein...[Read more]
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