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How Fahad Cheats More Frequently and Gets Away With It

Share A friend posted the comment above on Instagram minutes after I snapped a picture of my homemade Kinder pudding, approved which I deliciously enjoyed after nagging him to say masha’Allah. Here’s...[Read more]

Drink Tea for Better Carbohydrate & Nutrient Utilization

Share EGCG or Epigallocatechine Gallate (did you honestly try reading that?) is the reason why many of us drink Green or White Tea whenever we diet or try to minimize the damage after eating a pile of...[Read more]

Gym Annoyances

Share I’ve spared no expense in writing this, hospital so tread lightly. I’ve listed some of the gym annoyances I encounter on a daily basis. You guys might have run into a few of these situations,...[Read more]

The “Eat Your Heart Out at Dinner” Plan

Share I already Tweeted and Instagrammed the diet plan you’re about to see, stuff and I highly recommend you guys try it out. Upon Waking: 500ml of Water Breakfast (15-90 minutes later depending...[Read more]
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