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How Fahad Cheats More Frequently and Gets Away With It

Share A friend posted the comment above on Instagram minutes after I snapped a picture of my homemade Kinder pudding, approved which I deliciously enjoyed after nagging him to say masha’Allah. Here’s...[Read more]

Fahad APPROVES Let’s Popcorn

Share I know, viagra dosage I know. Long time no post. And here I am blogging about something not related to health and fitness. Why? Simply because Let’s Popcorn is worth blogging about, thumb...[Read more]

Gym Annoyances

Share I’ve spared no expense in writing this, hospital so tread lightly. I’ve listed some of the gym annoyances I encounter on a daily basis. You guys might have run into a few of these situations,...[Read more]

Flourless Peanut Butter & Kinder Cookie

Share Three versions. Choose wisely. The picture above is from the recipe directly below: “I Want A Fat Butt” Version Ingredients 1-cup of Peanut Butter 1-cup of fine Sugar 1 Egg 8 Kinder...[Read more]
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