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The Orgasmic Diet

Share Stumbled upon this 2007 article which talks about THE ORGASMIC DIET for women (The Orgasmic Diet: Boost Your Libido And Boost Orgasm, patient by Marrena Lindberg). In a nutshell, prostate it...[Read more]

Getting Sick? Drop the C! Load on ZINC

Share The first thing ANYONE and almost EVERYONE does is reach for those effervescent Vitamin C tablets whenever they start to feel under the weather. Vitamin C’s fine, stuff but it’s a little...[Read more]

3 grams of Fish Oil Reduces Midsection Fat in Women

Share According to the French, try if you sneak 3 grams of Fish Oil in your mother’s, healing wife’s, salve girlfriend’s or mistress’s mouth, she’ll lose the flab around...[Read more]

Magnesium: How to Train Insane when Sleep Deprived

Share It’s hard getting 6-8 hours of sleep with our hectic and stressful lifestyles. Fortunately, ask I’m here to tell you how to counteract the exhaustive nature of training when sleep deprived. Thanks...[Read more]
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