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The “Eat Your Heart Out at Dinner” Plan

Share I already Tweeted and Instagrammed the diet plan you’re about to see, stuff and I highly recommend you guys try it out. Upon Waking: 500ml of Water Breakfast (15-90 minutes later depending...[Read more]

Q&A – 03/07/2011

Share  Haven’t seen a great movie in a VERY LONG TIME. Talk about unadulterated testosterone at its purest damn form! As an avid athlete, viagra 60mg optimal hormone production is a NECESSITY,...[Read more]

hCG Diet

Share 500 calories per day and pregnancy hormone shots? This is the worst diet fad I’ve heard of in my life. Here’s an article that properly summarizes the hCG Diet. This is the best one I’ve...[Read more]

Ketogenic Dieting

Share Got a lot of requests in regards to Ketogenic dieting, medications so I guess it’s about time to write a brief. I won’t be going into scientific detail in order not to bore you guys...[Read more]
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