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Lunch for Breakfast

ShareI feel like sharing what I’m having for breakfast everyday. It’s a bit weird, information pills but it works for me. It gets me through the first half of my day easily. Keep in mind that...[Read more]

Super Awesome Breakfast

Share I LOVE IT when one of my readers or Twitter followers gets creative! Here’s an awesome breakfast mix I got from @thebarbecuechef. You can prep this in a JIFFY! (the 1960′s called. They...[Read more]

Appetite Suppression with Honey and Protein

Share 1st The Honey New research has proven that adding honey to sweeten your breakfast instead of white sugar may suppress your appetite, malady promote better blood sugar control, and reduce cravings. Reference...[Read more]


ShareSick of dull tasting cereals? Feel like switching your carbohydrate source to something else? Want to feel like you’re indulging without actually indulging? Rush to the closest Sultan Center,...[Read more]
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