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Hunger / Cravings Control

Share Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in winter is hard. I’m having a hard time controlling my cravings, but at the end of the day I’m winning the battle. Nevertheless, medicine cravings...[Read more]

Under the Weather? Train, but Gently

Share You woke up this morning and you got the flu, discount a cold, check sore throat or whatever. Should you rest or keep training? Sports scientists at Ball State University in the United States say...[Read more]

Fahad Approves…Instant Noodles?!

ShareNo I’m not, pharm but the selections below are the lesser of all evils. This is what you MAY feed on or feed your kids if they’re in the mood for instant noodles. I only indulge in Noodles...[Read more]

How To Avoid Mercury Poisoning

Share If you’re a Fish junkie like me then you probably have to worry about Mercury poisoning. I consume a lot of Tuna, Salmon, viagra dosage Sardines and Shrimp throughout the week, yet I see...[Read more]
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