Why Fatloss is my main Concern and YOURS


A lot of people criticize me for focusing on fatloss more than anything else, generic but people fail to comprehend that they are FAT.

What’s my definition of fat?

Any number over 20% body fat. No human being should be carrying that much body fat for a lengthy period of time. It’s not much, approved but it’s average. Who wants to settle for average? If you’re fine with that then that’s OK, this but don’t come knocking summertime asking for a nice set of abdomens.

Why Not?

The longer you settle at 20% or more body fat, the more your body gets used to it. Same rule applies when you’re lean. If you balance and modify your lifestyle around maintaining less than 10% body fat, the harder it is for your body to gain fat.

Super Human

If you’re asking why you should maintain less than 10% body fat for a long period of time:
1) Faster muscle gains.
2) Harder fat gains.
3) Improved athletic performance.


Obesity is a gateway disease. Stay at 20% and you’ll most likely reach a life threatening level. Those who take good care of their health usually maintain a level below 15%.

Where should I be?

This depends on a lot of factors which are dependent on your objective and goal:
- 15% body fat: average human being or an off-season athlete looking to gain maximal performance by ingesting a lot of calories (junk and clean foods) and resting for enhanced physical recovery.
- 12% body fat: athletic human being or an off-season athlete taking in a lot of clean calories.
- 10% body fat: dieting average human being or an on-season athlete in the beginning of his/her conditioning journey and athletic prep.
- Single digit body fat: conditioned athlete ready for competition.

And that my fellow readers is my 5 fils for the day. Stay tuned for more stuff that pours out of my head.

5 Responses to “Why Fatloss is my main Concern and YOURS”

  1. .R' Says:

    Hello Fahad,

    What is the correct method of calculating body fat accurately? And i’ve been trying to lose fat for two years but it’s a very slow-boring process which makes it hard for me to continue! I tried every thing you asked me to do, ate healthy but very minimal results!

  2. wut Says:

    See, the problem is reaching 10% takes a long time for endomorphs (yes, I believe in somatotypes) whereas for ectomorphs and arguably mesomorphs, it is a breeze. Shedding down to like 12-14% is quite easy, but people then begin to feel demotivated since the changes over the next month(s) aren’t as drastic as they were from a let’s say 15% to 12% drop appearance wise. Not to mention adjusting the caloric needs along the way in order to drop the extra body fat. Single digits is another whole story to be honest as it can lead to catabolism provided that you’re doing it without any sort of AAS/PH aid. In my opinion, anyone who is 14% or under should be lean bulking and by that I mean adding 300-500 calories above maintenance. Sure you’ll add a little bit of fat, but your cutting phase will not be as long as one with a “dirty bulk”. The problem is today, people think bulking implies pigging out (read: dirty bulk) with focus on high protein which leads to excessive fat gain. With all the calorie dense foods out there, I don’t know why people resort to weight gainers. Weight gainers…not even once.

    Also, natural BBers tend to hold water which can give the illusion of higher body fat. The argument of being “thick skinned” is also blasphemous. Pinch the skin on the back of your hand. That is what skin feels like. Rule of thumb: if you can pinch an inch, it’s fat and possibly water.

    In regards to accurate body fat tests, I’m only aware of DEXA Scanning and Bod Pod. Not sure where you can do them here, but they aren’t cheap. If you’re not losing fat, then most likely you are not in a caloric deficit or your hormones aren’t in check (specifically thyroid).

    /rant and possibly advice

  3. .R' Says:

    @wut: Great read mashallah! I have about an inch of pinch on the back of my hand. I’m not that overweight but talking about the 12% to single digits fat% made me look obese ;p I’m seeking a semi perfect body, 12% of fat looks pretty perfect so I think I’ll settle for 15% as a basic goal. Don’t know how I can reach that though..

  4. Hebah Says:

    Well written and searched.. Thanks!!!

    Same questions what’s the best method for fat calculation!?????

  5. anonymous Says:

    These numbers are too low for women. Average body fat for women is 25%-31%

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