Suhooring LIKE A BOSS!


First of all, more about DO NOT SKIP SUHOOR! Get up 30 minutes before Al Fajr prayers and CONSUME / DRINK / INGEST YOUR SUHOOR! Hopefully you’ll be up to pray, ampoule so wake up a few minutes earlier to get in a light feast that’ll help ENERGIZE and HYDRATE your body throughout those 16 hours of awesome-good-deed-boosting fasting.

In addition, visit this site Ramadan this year in Kuwait WILL NOT BE FORGIVING. Our current weather feels like you’re walking in an oven!

Suhoor Options

Light and Soothing

  1. 250ml to 500ml of Skimmed Liban + 3-7 Dates
  2. 1-cup of fatfree Lentil Soup + 1 container of nonfat Yogurt + Veggies
  3. 1 container of nonfat Yogurt (or PickYO’s Ultimate Frozen Yogurt) + 1-2 servings of Fruit
  4. 250ml of low or nonfat Goat Milk + 1/2-cup of All-Bran Plus + 1 serving of Fruit
  5. 1 container of nonfat Yogurt + 1/2-cup Chickpeas (Nikhi) or Fava Beans (Bajila) + Veggies

HEAVY and Appetite Suppressing

  1. 1 pack of Fava Beans (with the peel) or Chickpeas (from the Nikhi & Bajila shop) + 1 container of nonfat Yogurt + Veggies
  2. 300 grams of Lean Red Meat + 1 container of nonfat Yogurt + Veggies
  3. 1 large bowl of low / non fat Yireesh or Harees, but make sure it’s packed with lean red meat

Unfortunately, this is the part where I have to leave for a few hours. I’m not done with Suhoor so stay tuned my fellow awesome readers!

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