How to Suppress your Appetite and Minimize Sugar Cravings at Futoor


It’s simple and most importantly PROVEN. At least two-days-of-Ramadan-experimentation proven.

As soon as you hear the Al Maghrib prayer, viagra open a 1.5 liter bottle of room temp, salve slightly cold or cold water and DRINK UP! Keep on drinking (slowly or fast) until you finish it all.

This method’s no ground breaker and some of you are probably “DUHHing” me right now, but I’m willing to assume no ones implementing it yet.

After drinking the water, go pray and come back to feast. Make sure this process takes you 10-15 minutes to complete before hitting the futoor table. It’ll give your appetite a good amount of time to realize you’re not really that hungry, but in reality only thirsty.

Try it tomorrow and see how it goes. After an intense fasted pre-futoor weight session, my appetite’s INSANE! This method has truly put a cap on my appetite.

Not only that, but my blood sugar’s pretty low which means I NEED MY SUGAR! Nevertheless, I’m reaching for a few succulent Dates and a nice hot bowl of Harees with Stevia-sweetened Cinnamon powder.

For those looking to eat more, keep water consumption to less than 500ml.

15-30 minutes after Futoor completion, sip another 1.5 liters of water for further appetite suppression. Why the added 1.5? Well, what happens right after futoor? RAMADANDELICIOUS DESSERTS AND SWEETS!

Good luck!

4 Responses to “How to Suppress your Appetite and Minimize Sugar Cravings at Futoor”

  1. Amer Says:

    “a nice hot bowl of Harees with Stevia-sweetened Cinnamon powder” <3 <3

  2. berserkkw Says:

    That picture of the pouring water is slapping me so hard right now…

  3. Essa Khalid Alessa Says:

    Dude what do u think will happen in Isha or tarawee7 lol half the time will be going back and forth to the bathroom, can I go berserk on water after prayer

  4. Heavy Futooring Says:

    [...] drink-alot-of-water-before-futoor-theory WORKS! In addition, refrain from cheating at Futoor if you plan on going too heavy. If you plan on [...]

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