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Pizza’s an awesome addition to a “balanced” cheat meal, recipe especially when it’s light and packed with extravagant ingredients.

For those of you who are wondering what a balanced  cheat meal is, this web it’s when the meal contains everything you’re craving but in moderate portions so that you don’t stuff yourself early to enjoy them all.


Ingredients Matter

Pineapple, information pills Bacon and Cheese- 3 ingredients that I absolutely love on their own. What happens when you combine all 3? Fortunately, Upper Crust has provided me with an opportunity to experience this combination.




First of all, it’s very light. I consumed this (regular, not large- I ordered it to-go) with ease after a KFC Mighty Zinger, McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder and large fries.

Secondly, the Cheese was just right. Too much Cheese and it’s just…..too Cheesy.

Third, the Pineapple’s incredibly fresh. Succulent without being too distractingly sweet.

Fourth, Bacon’s perfectly cooked, but not too savory. Definitely compliments the Pineapple’s sweetness.

Fifth, the Tomato sauce is robust. Definitely a highlight.

Sixth, the dough’s better than anything I’ve seen in Kuwait, excluding Solo Pizza Napulitana. You can never beat SoloPN at fresh Pizza dough.

Lastly, I gave it my “Honey Test”. If you don’t know what that is, refer to this post. It passed.

Final Take

Overall, Upper Crust’s Hawaiian did not lack substance, but SoloPN’s still my number one Pizza in the world. Upper Crust isn’t really lacking in ANYTHING, but Solo’s ingredients are just too great.

A close friend wasn’t satisfied with Upper Crust and thought it was all hype. I respect his taste in food, but gave Upper Curst a try regardless.

Conclusively, they  lived up to their hype, but I’ll need to try more items from their menu, such as their famous Truffle Pizza. So far, I’m satisfied.

2 Responses to “Upper Crust Pizzeria”

  1. Reno Says:

    Fahad i’m curious. how do you satisfy your sweet tooth on your cheat days? Anything consistent?

  2. Marzouq Says:

    Hani o 3afyah! I agreed with everything but the Pineapple! loool

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