How Fahad Cheats More Frequently and Gets Away With It

A friend posted the comment above on Instagram minutes after I snapped a picture of my homemade Kinder pudding, approved which I deliciously enjoyed after nagging him to say masha’Allah. Here’s the answer to his question:


And Here’s How I Did It

  1. I got to where I wanted to be. It took me 6+ months of strict training and dieting to get to a stage where I was FINALLY satisfied with what I saw in the mirror. Reaching this level of satisfaction is hard.
  2. I maintained, but just barely. I ate just enough food, but still trained insane. “Just enough” food means I ate the exact amount of calories required to hold on to my muscle mass and starve away any potential fat stores. I prepped / taught / guided my body to become “fat-resistant”.
  3. I recorded results. I know how I look, weigh and feel at my best, so I made sure to record results and take pictures.
  4. I stayed super strict. Just a bite? A whiff? Not a chance. I stayed true to my routine until..
  5. I cheated frequently. Not for an entire day- just 3-4 hours depending on when I achieved satiety. I ate whatever I wanted in that time span.WHATEVER I WANTED.
  6. I went back on my insane-hardcore-super-strict-no-way-out-oh-my-GOD-lifestyle. The day after my cheat meal, I weigh myself and take a look at the mirror. I see a lot of muscle fullness and some water retention. I then dedicate whatever amount of time needed to flush out the junk I ate yesterday. This usually takes between 2-4 days depending on how fast I want to take it (dieting & weight-lifting stay strict, but cardio’s a crapshoot if I’m too busy or just lazy).

And There You Have It

I’ve been preaching this to the WORLD since God knows when. This is the healthy balance that I was talking about. My strict regimen is not as exhaustive as I make it out to be, especially when I’m cheating for 3-4 hours every 2-4 days.

4 Responses to “How Fahad Cheats More Frequently and Gets Away With It”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Glad you’re finally satisfied with your body composition, I hope I can get there someday.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Husain Says:

    For #1, I hope you meant 6+ years and not months :)

  3. Nai Says:

    How do u get ur body to become fat resistant?

  4. FAHAD Says:

    Nai: By achieving a low body fat level through proper dieting and intense training without negatively effecting your daily routine [life].

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