Fahad APPROVES Let’s Popcorn

I know, viagra dosage I know. Long time no post. And here I am blogging about something not related to health and fitness. Why? Simply because Let’s Popcorn is worth blogging about, thumb and then some.

100% Local

I’m a supporter and an advocate of Kuwaiti businesses built from the ground up. Let’s Popcorn isn’t revolutionary, visit but what they deliver is BEYOND anything I have experienced in their field of expertise, which if you haven’t noticed is Popcorn.

Market Comparison

In Kuwait, we’ve got a lot of Popcorn vendors, from local to franchises. What differentiates Let’s Popcorn from the rest is how INSANELY AMAZING their product is! The quality is way beyond what I have experienced in and out of Kuwait (if you’re thinking of the other two famous franchises, it’s better than both). Will explain why in a bit.


Let’s Popcorn is certifiably healthy since they air-pop, as opposed to adding copious amounts of oil. You’ll notice this as soon as you start munching on ANY of their flavours, including the supposedly heavy ones, which don’t feel heavy AT ALL. In addition, you won’t see or feel any visible grease or lack of crunch. Let’s Popcorn produces soggy-free, super-crunchy and insanely delicious Popcorn- GUARANTEED!

Freshness & Expiration

Whatever you order is freshly prepared daily. They also guarantee freshness for 7 days, but in all honesty I had a few pieces 14 days past the production date and it tasted exactly the same. Doesn’t lack in crunch or flavour.

My Picks

I’ve tried ALL their flavours, so here’s a brief review of my favorites:

  • Oreo 2 (pictured everywhere on this post): Popcorn dipped in Caramel, Peanut Butter, Chocolate and crushed Oreos. BEST POPCORN I HAVE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE! This trumps EVERY miniature dessert bite in the UNIVERSE! Once you start munching you won’t stop, mostly because it delivers a different taste every time. You can literally taste ALL the ingredients used.
  • Caramel: They’ve got plain Caramel, Caramel Peanuts, Caramel Pecans, Caramel Cashews, Caramel Almonds, Caramel Cinnamon and Caramel Mixed Nuts. They ALL taste great depending on what you choose to couple your Caramel Popcorn with. All are worth of your taste buds, but what really caught my attention is the Caramel Cinnamon. They’re like tiny French Toast bites!
  • Grandma: If you like a SUPER STRONG combination of Salt and Butter, THEN THIS WILL DELIVER! I personally love it, but if you’re not the type that enjoys intense savoury bites, then I suggest you skip it.
  • Ketchup: I’m a Ketchupaholic, and this savoury and mildly sweet Popcorn quenched my Ketchupaholism.
  • Oreo 1: Popcorn dipped in Caramel and crushed Oreos. Lighter than the Oreo 2. Still great, but not as awesome as the Oreo 2.
  • Cheeses: White Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, French Cheese- all are flavourful depending on the type of Cheese you like. I personally loved the French Cheese the most.

Let’s Popcorn

If you haven’t noticed already, I approve of Let’s Popcorn. I’ve been indulging for a month now (cheat days only) and the quality of their Popcorn is CONSISTENT! If anything, it just keeps on getting better each week since I start craving it even more.

With the quality they are providing, their prices are beyond reasonable. I’m amazed why they don’t cost more.

Check out their website: http://www.letspopcorn.com

You’ll literally find everything you need.

9 Responses to “Fahad APPROVES Let’s Popcorn”

  1. khawla Says:

    So true. i have tried the franchised ones and didnt like how greasy and heavy it was. Oreo2, caramel cinammon, and recently the tropical fruits are my favouritre. i would love to know how many calories in onevscoop ( the one they provide with the large box) of my favorite flavors.
    thanks Fahad

  2. Om Dhari Says:

    Seriously, its the best popcorn I have ever tried, and the fact that its a healthiert option that the ones in the market made me even LOVE it more, my kids and parents includfing myself r addicted to it, add to that, that its a kuwaiti concept, made me encourage all my friends to try it

  3. mm hmm Says:

    Ok, I don’t wanna be “that person” but everytime I come to your website I see delicious unhealthy things and just get hungry! How about you make a cheat meal section that people can check if they want.. So yeah.. more healthy things plz!

  4. Malak Says:

    I have tried both ,the REAL ONE AT AVENUES were airpopped and I could distinguish the taste of caramel and Oreo and the most important issue reasonable PRICE but the other one is as sponge popcorn

  5. Malak Says:

    And u knw buying OREO is much cheaper than paying 6 kd for ….
    Thnxx fahad for topic but u know always the studied project based on latest technology will occupy the market

    Good luck to All

  6. FAHAD Says:

    Malak: I have no idea what you’re talking about. Are you saying Let’s Popcorn’s not good? Expensive?

  7. Rana Says:

    wow. what an amazing Post . thanks fahad much. I ordered letspop twice after all my friend told me about it. then i paid them a visit in mobarkia sooq, what is such an amazing achivement they did. thump up.

    and i think this ” malak” is part of avenues popcorn team going around blogs trying to hit letspop. i just tell her mind your business and 3aaaaib , i see your comments everywhere. if ur “studied project will occupy the market ” , then 5alaaa9, go get BUSY and leave Letspop alone .

    shfeeeekom warahom warahom b kel respectful blogs !!! :D first time i see USA brand fighting with local ! hahaha you made me love letspop MORE

  8. FAHAD Says:

    Rana: This shows you how great Let’s Popcorn is :) no one can convince me otherwise!

    I will always promote great local businesses that provide quality products & services. And Let’s Popcorn fits that criteria :)

  9. Ranafly Says:

    Awesome description of Let’s Popcorn
    u made me laugh in some parts .. Great article .. I so much enjoyded it till the end

    good luck to u all

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