Drink Tea for Better Carbohydrate & Nutrient Utilization

EGCG or Epigallocatechine Gallate (did you honestly try reading that?) is the reason why many of us drink Green or White Tea whenever we diet or try to minimize the damage after eating a pile of junk food.

Numerous studies have proven that EGCG greatly aids in health, no rx longevity and fat loss, but what I’m about to talk about is another benefit that I find very interesting: the ability to utilize carbohydrates more efficiently for energy rather than fat storage.

Why is this interesting? EGCG is able to absorb 70% of whatever carbohydrate source you are ingesting. Why you should be WOW’D? 70% IS A LOT OF CARBOHYDRATES TO UTLIZE!

Fahad’s Take

Combining sugar and caffeine is a disaster, so don’t add sugar in your tea. Carb and nutrient utilization doesn’t work that way. For the benefits I discussed above, drink your EGCG enhanced tea PLAIN before, during or after a meal.

Females should refrain from drinking tea close to anything healthy since it’ll rob you of much needed Iron, Folic Acid and other vitamins and minerals that aid in keeping Anaemia at bay. Drink it no less than 30 minutes before or after a meal, and no more than 60 minutes to benefit from nutrient utilization.

Lastly, don’t use this as an excuse to pig out. Drinking tea will minimize the damage, but not when you’re pigging out 24/7.

4 Responses to “Drink Tea for Better Carbohydrate & Nutrient Utilization”

  1. Anfal Says:

     what u posted just made my day… Waiting for more useful health-related topics

  2. Reno Says:

    Hi Fahad! You advised boiling one bag of white tea in 2 cups water. is it ok to split the powder in two cups equally as well?

  3. FAHAD Says:

    Reno: Yup. You’re splitting hairs again bro.

  4. Reno Says:

    Soz if i annoyed you bro. The microwave at the office has been busted for the past 2 Weeks now. Been brewing two cups at once & drinking em lukewarm/cold. Thanks!

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