Fahad’s Body-Fueling Essentials

My ESSENTIAL items that never go missing:

  1. Omega-3 DHA Eggs & Egg Whites (Egg Whites are normal Eggs)
  2. Red / Brown Lentils (Fresh) – Chickpeas (Fresh) – Butter Beans (Epicure Organic & Unsalted- Canned) – Black Beans (Epicure Organic & Unsalted- Canned)
  3. Whey Protein Isolate Powder (VPX SRO)
  4. Casein Protein Powder (Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Casein)
  5. Stonewall Kitchen Chunky Peanut Butter (from The Sultan Center- always sold out so buy a truck load the moment you see them)
  6. John West Wild Pink & Red Canned Salmon (Red is twice as expensive, capsule but has a bolder Salmon taste)
  7. Canned Tuna in water (any brand)
  8. Clipper Organic White Tea (Vanilla flavored)
  9. Decaffeinated Black Tea (from Lulu Hypermarket)
  10. Stevia (Herbal sweetener)
  11. Diet Rite (Aspartame, Carb & Sodium-free Soda)
  12. Raw Almonds & Walnuts
  13. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (Hershey’s or Cadbury)
  14. Powdered Cinnamon
  15. Red Chili Flakes
  16. Sumaq
  17. Dijon Mustard (no added sugar)
  18. Yellow Mustard (no added sugar)
  19. Nori Sheets (Roasted Seaweed)
  20. White & Apple Cider Vinegar
  21. LoSalt (66% Potassium, 33% Sodium) & NoSalt (100% Potassium)
  22. Libby’s Canned Pumpkin
  23. Total Fage 0% Greek Yogurt (from Lulu Hypermarket)

Fruits and Vegetables are not included on that list because they’re readily available thanks to my family, but here’s a list of what usually goes into my stomach:

  1. Fruits (Red Apple, Pear, All Berries)
  2. Vegetables (Romaine Lettuce, Parsley, Onions, Garlic, Mushrooms, Tomato)

If you analyze the list carefully, you won’t see any “direct” carb sources, such as grains. This is because I function better without them. Sometimes I would eat a few servings of the items below:

  1. Oat Bran
  2. Wheat Germ
  3. 100% Whole Rye Bread
  4. Quinoa

29 Responses to “Fahad’s Body-Fueling Essentials”

  1. Faisal Says:

    Natureland also makes organic peanut butter in which the only listed ingredient is roasted peanuts. Sultan Center seems to rarely have a supply though, so I stock up when I find it.

  2. Reno Says:

    Fahad onions and tomatoes. Most of their calories come from sugars right? Is this reason enough to avoid them all together? I used to have 2(medium sized) of each a day in my salads for lunch and dinner but now avoid them like carrots. Are they really that bad? Also do these get your approval? Cucumber, fennel, turmeric, fresh coriander & regular cabbage. Thanks!

  3. Anoude Says:

    Hi, where can I find Quinoa? Lulu used to sell it but I can’t sem to find it anymore…

  4. Husain Says:

    I don’t see any chicken or turkey here. Does that mean you don’t usually eat chicken/turkey?

    I am not into sea-food, so what can I substitute it with?

  5. Yousef Says:

    Thanks for the shopping list

  6. Reno Says:

    A few more please Fahad. Cauliflower, capsicum, papaya & black grapes. The fruits are for pre workout. Right now I alternate between green apples & bananas, the former getting more preference. Thanks!

  7. FAHAD Says:

    Reno: Wrong- Onions & Tomatoes do not contain a lot of sugar. Do not avoid them. Don’t avoid Carrots. Cucumber, Fennel, Turmeric, Fresh Coriander & Cabbage are all approved.

  8. FAHAD Says:

    Anoude: The Sultan Center sells Natureland’s Quinoa.

  9. FAHAD Says:

    Husain: It’s because I don’t eat Chicken or Turkey. I stick to seafood.

  10. FAHAD Says:

    Yousef: You’re welcome. Just so you know, that’s my shopping list.

  11. FAHAD Says:

    Reno: All approved, but I would go with fruits that are high in fiber and low in sugar.

  12. da3 Says:

    hi fahad.. i always wanted to ask you but forget is ketchup in a diet plan a bad choice?

  13. Reno Says:

    Could you help me out by listing a couple Fahad? I just purchased a fresh batch of berries & I know they’re Fahad approved :)

  14. Deborah Says:

    Where do you get raw almonds? Thanks

  15. Mitch Says:

    what do u recommend for omega-3 and multi-vitamins pills? is there any specific brand u suggest?


  16. arwa Says:

    hey fahad i have kind of personal question if you don’t mind !
    u always say that ur on diet n stuff n i dont think ur aiming to lose any weight so r u dietting jst to maintain ur current weight !? coz am losing weight now n the idea of dietting for the rest of my life is freaking me out !!!
    or obtaining a healthy life style n reducing the junk is enough to maintain ur weight ?!
    thnxxx in advance n please post more often :p

  17. FAHAD Says:

    da3: Ketchup is perfectly fine as long as 1) the sugar content is from real sugar and not High Fructose Corn Syrup and 2) you moderate intake, 2-4 tablespoons per meal.
    I recommend Natureland or Heinz Organic Ketchup. Both taste the same. Natureland has more fiber. I reviewed it so search my blog.

  18. FAHAD Says:

    Reno: All Berries are approved bro. Limit intake to 1-cup per meal or snack.

  19. FAHAD Says:

    Deborah: Al Refai or International Mills. Both are located at ALL supermarkets and co-ops. You can even find them at baqalas.

  20. FAHAD Says:

    Mitch: Bronson’s Super EPA and VIVA CSP Extra Strength Packs. Both supplied by Health Planet, located in Soug Sharg and Mall 360.

  21. FAHAD Says:

    arwa: Will try my best to post more often insha’Allah.
    With regards to your question, you don’t need to diet for the rest of your life. Currently, my eating habits are all over the place because I’ve reached my target. I’m cheating more frequently, but compensating the damage by exercise. These frequent cheats are actually fueling my workouts, in turn improving results.

    My point is, when you reach a stage where you are fine with the way you feel (health wise) and physically look then take it easy and live a little. Keyword: A LITTLE. Don’t go overboard; indulge, burn, cleanse and repeat.

  22. Reno Says:

    Any more good pre workout fruits Fahad?

  23. Lulu Says:

    من وين اقدر احصل الري بريد سلطان دايمن احسه يختلف

  24. Bo-Ya3gooob Says:

    Fahad what is the best thing to eat pre-workout and how long before the workout should we eat it..? I usually eat a banana pre-workout and around 30 mins before the workout…

  25. FAHAD Says:

    Bo-Ya3gooob: Your question’s too general. Meals and snacks should fall wherever they fall regardless of workout time.

  26. Bo-Ya3gooob Says:

    I was wondering because sometimes i miss out on some meals even though I know i shouldn’t so when it comes to the workout the meal scheduled is to big for a pre-workout… Thanks and keep posting… ;)

  27. Evet Says:

    So stealing that list and doing some early shopping tomorrow!

  28. khaled Says:

    i was trying to find the VPX zero carb portein but couldn’t find it, where did you get it from ?
    was it here in kuwait or you ordered it online ?

  29. FAHAD Says:

    khaled: Health Planet Soug Sharg or 360 Mall.

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