Under the Weather? Train, but Gently

You woke up this morning and you got the flu, discount a cold, check sore throat or whatever. Should you rest or keep training? Sports scientists at Ball State University in the United States say “train gently“.


50 fit volunteers between 19 and 29 were split into 2 groups. Group #1 trained every other day for 40 minutes at a moderate intensity, choosing between a stair climber, treadmill or bike. Group #2 did nothing.

Before implementation of the experiment, the researchers infected the subjects with the common cold virus while monitoring its development in both groups.

The symptoms lasted the same amount of time in both groups. However, Group #1 had fewer symptoms the first 6 days than Group #2.

High Intensity

Training longer or more intensely will delay recovery from whatever you’re suffering from, concluded the researchers. Intense training inhibits the immune system through the rise of cortisol (a muscle wasting hormone) and fall of testosterone (an anabolic hormone).

Fahad’s Take

When it comes to getting sick, I have a rule that’s been working for me for as long as I can remember:

If it’s above the neck, hit the gym. If it’s below the neck, stay at home.


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