I rarely approve anything with confidence, about it and these protein bars deserve my full approval with flying colors.

Quest Low Carb Gluten Free Protein Bars

Everything you need to know about them can be found on their website. Everything they typed on their website is WHY I approve of these bars, information pills but to briefly recap:

  • High in superior quality protein (20 grams)
  • Moderate in healthy fats (5-10 grams depending on flavor)
  • Low in carbs (2-6 grams depending on flavor derived from nuts)
  • Gluten-Free, price Wheat-Free and Grain-Free
  • No Added Sugar (1-2 grams depending on flavor derived from nuts)
  • High Fiber (17-19 grams depending on flavor)
  • Artificially and Naturally Sweetened (Stevia & Splenda depending on flavor)
  • 11 Flavors to choose from!

I’ve tried them all and love them all! They taste like soft cookies when microwaved for 15 seconds!

How To Order

Order directly from their website to avoid any extra handling and shipping fees in Kuwait. They’ll ship them using UPS (United States Postal Service). Depending on how fast you choose to get them shipped (the faster the more expensive- which I did), you’ll get them in Kuwait in no more than 14 days. I got a call today from Kaifan Central Communications Tower (next to Kuwait University). They gave me a package number.

Upon arrival, I gave them my Civil ID and package number, then filled in the required information (signature and contact number). My package was then transferred to customs (literally a few feet away). The customs dude told me to open my package. He took a peak, gave me the box and told me to have a nice day. HASSLE-FROCKING-FREE! This entire process took me less than 10 minutes!


My current order included 5 flavors (each box has 12 bars):

  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Coconut Cashew
  • Lemon Cream Pie

I already have the other flavors. With EVERYTHING (includes shipping and whatever Quest charged me), my entire package cost $188 (KD 52.330).

To break it down for us cheap-heads (including yours truly):

  • Per pack: kD 10.466
  • Per bar: 872 fils

How much does the BEST bar cost in Kuwait (low quality ingredients- packed with inferior sources of protein, sugar, fat and other stuff I cannot pronounce)? KD 1.500 PER BAR!

4 Responses to “The ONLY FAHAD APPROVED Protein Bar”

  1. N19 Says:

    This is GREAT! I’m a college student in america and without my mama’s cooking it’s really hard to eat healthy here. One or two of these a day as a snack will be awesome.

  2. OLD Friend Says:

    Awesome Post. Did you include your home address while order? Why did you pick it up in Communications Tower instead of getting it delivered to you house ? Please help on ordering I am facing problems..

  3. FAHAD Says:

    OLD Friend: Included my home address, but you have to pick them up for custom’s purposes regardless of what you order.

  4. incostar Says:

    i have to say you really hit it right with this one. i just got a box of the peanut butter chocolate bars and love them. the peanut taste is hard to distinguish over the chocolate but these things in a microwave are great. i have yet to eat it cold but they really are something.

    what other flavors should i go for? oh and btw i didn’t have to go pick them up. they landed in the PO Box and were not even inspected/opened from what i can tell like all those Aramex packages are.

    on a related note: are fiber calories really undigested/uncounted in any food consumed?

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