Guilt-free Midnight Indulgence – Dried Wild Pollock & Dijon Mustard

Thanks to Basma from 13 Cups, prescription she told me about this awesome Asian grocery store called Singarea. The place was literally like I stepped into ASIA! They’ve got a ton of interesting things, stomach but I’ll go into details at another post. For now, I’m about to share this guilt-free midnight indulgence that keeps my hunger and cravings at bay.

The Meal

I woke up one midnight really hungry. I usually drink water and sleep, but this time the craving was dead serious. I was about to reach for Jiffy’s All-Natural Peanut Butter (which I prefer to consume on a cheat day (since it contains sugar and palm oil), but slowly put it away. Peanut Butter’s healthy as long as it’s all natural and contains only Roasted Peanuts and Salt. With me, a few tablespoons are never enough. It’s either the entire jar or nothing.

Then I remembered the high protein Dried Wild Pollock I bought from Singarea. I pulled it out of the fridge and started chewing.


Its texture reminded me of light jerky. I wanted to add something savory to it, so my search continued for a healthy condiment. I found a small jar of metabolism-boosting Dijon Mustard. I dipped the dried Pollock sticks in the Dijon and ate.


“Pow’s” me shocked at how something so healthy tastes good. Here’s how the snack looked like:

Photo’s courtesy of Basma 13-Cups. I shared the snack / meal mix idea with her and she loved it!

Per 50 grams, this Dried Wild Pollock packs:

Calories 174

Protein 41 grams

Fat 1 gram

Carbohydrates 0 grams

2 Responses to “Guilt-free Midnight Indulgence – Dried Wild Pollock & Dijon Mustard”

  1. Basma Says:


    3alaik bil 3afya

  2. Omar Says:

    That looks completely unappetizing. I can probably cure my hunger by just looking at that picture rather than going out and buying it…

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