Trip to Makkah


Fahad’s Note: I’ve written everything below on the go, website so whatever you read is sort of “live” if that makes any sense.

Airplane Food…

Sucks. But it smells good. My alter ego “Fatty Fahad” would eat all of it and then some.


Quiche made from Eggs and Mushrooms



Fool with Falafel and Cheese Sticks

Of course I’d never touch anything that looks iffy, drugs and that looks beyond iffy.

Instead, I’ll be drinking a 4 oz 0 carb and fat protein drink called Carnivor (which tastes AMAZING) with a Quest Protein Bar, packed with fiber and healthy fats (tastes even better).


Was I satiated? Nope, but I managed to satisfy muscle sustenance.

We just finished performing Umrah and it has been 7 hours since my last meal, but that’s not a problem. The longer between meals the better. And all that cardio from performing Umrah on an empty stomach was insanely beneficial.

Note: I’m eating every 5-6 hours and popping 6 grams of BCAA’s 3 hours in between to spike nutrient absorption and anabolism. This is my usual routine in Kuwait too. 3 meals a day with enough time to “semi-fast” so that my body can go through a long detox phase after digesting each meal.

This routine keeps me satiated for hours and minimizes stress on organs. Eating frequently hasn’t been proven to be beneficial; all based on myths and unproven studies.

In addition, it’s an annoying hassle. The level of inconvenience is just crazy.

Remember the “iffy” Airplane food I was talking about? My sisters are now complaining. Their stomachs are churning.

Meal #3

They’ve got this store called Bin Dawood, and the quality of products are right up there with TSC and Lulu.

Here are a few things that surprised me:


STEVIANA- made in Saudi!


FiberOne Original- we don’t even have this in Kuwait! And I’ve been nagging TSC and Lulu repeatedly.

Anyways, 3rd meal

A can of Goody Tuna in brine (loaded with Omega-3) and a can of Sardines in brine (PACKED with Omega-3 to the gills).


Finding veggies isn’t a problem since there’s a huge food court nearby. I had to pimp my salad in order for it to taste good (Tuna and Sardines never taste good alone. Duh).

From the same grocery store, I bought Spicy Mustard, Garlic Powder, Red Grape Vinegar, Sodium-free Salt, large tupperware, a metal spoon and fork.

Mixed the Vinegar, Mustard, Garlic Powder and Stevia for salad dressing. Added it to the fish salad and VOILA! Tasty.


Fortunately, I have a mini kitchen in my hotel room. Food prep mess AVERTED.

Day Two

I slept like a baby since I only had 2 hours of sleep the day prior. After washing up I went down to the breakfast buffet.

I had 6 slices of smoked Salmon, 12 boiled Egg Whites, a lot of veggies and a bowl of fat free Fool with diced Green Peppers, diced Tomatoes, diced Onions, Turmeric and Cumin powder.

An hour after breakfast, I roamed Makkah. More awesome cardio for me!

7 hours later, I ate the same Tuna, Sardines and Salad meal. Grew sick of this fast. I’ll need to find an alternative, suck it up or consume a Carnivor protein drink and a protein bar. The protein drink and bar won’t fill me up like the fish meal, so we’ll see.

Fitness Time

Found a gym 20 minutes away from the hotel called Fitness Time. It’s in Makkah, but in a place called “Ka’keyah” (?????).

Fitness Time refused my business because they don’t have daily subscriptions. I talked to everyone there including management, but no avail. Fortunately, the receptionist told me about a gym close by called Star Trac. It took me 10 minutes to get there. The good? They’ve got daily memberships. The bad? It’s no Fitness Time. It’s ghetto.

It’s arms day, so I didn’t take long. They’ve got all the necessary tools for me to hit my biceps and triceps. I even threw in quads, hamstrings and 3 abdomen exercises.

I performed no cardio since walking A LOT in Makkah is as essential as air.

It’s been 7 hours since my last meal, so meal #3′s coming up and I’m VERY HUNGRY after my workout. What did I have? Surprisingly, I craved the same Tuna and Sardines salad. However, I added a tasty touch: Corn mixed with Green and Red Peppers. Thank God I roamed the food court long enough to find this worthy addition.

Took a shower, ate it and then hit the sack. Sorry, no pictures of food or me taking a shower.

Day 3

Started my day with a liter of Zamzam water. Does anyone know what’s in it? I know it’s not ordinary water- it tastes different and feels heavier.

I’m hungry. I’m always hungry. I’ve been having a can of Diet 7-Up everyday to add some sweetness into my diet. I’m in no need of it, but I haven’t cheated in 2 weeks.

Too bad all they’ve got is Aspartame sweetened beverages, but it’ll have to do.

Going to have breakfast and do some last minute shopping to buy some more FiberOne cereal and a variety of Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips (I’m always on the lookout for the best S&V crisps). One of them had Balsamic Vinegar, so I definitely have to try that. By the way, I’m extremely hungry.

Had the same breakfast as yesterday, but reduced the Salmon (3 slices instead of 6) and ate an extra bowl of Fool (total of 2). This should definitely last me 6+ hours. Our flight’s in 7 hours.

Drank some Peppermint, White and Ginger tea to aid in digestion. I’ll most certainly need it after eating two bowls of that.

Tawaf El Wada’a

After Thihir prayers, we had to perform Tawaf el Wada’a (???? ??????) which is basically circling the Ka’ba 7 times to say good bye.

I had to push my grandmother on a wheelchair, which means cardio with resistance. I’m currently craving Coke Zero. Went to get me some but Bin Dawood was packed so I ditched it since mom’s in panic mode. Our flight’s at 5 pm and it’s currently 2 pm.

It’ll take us an hour to get to the Airport, 30 minutes max to do whatever and then board. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find some Coke Zero.

I popped 6 grams of BCAA’s while waiting for my family (grandmother, mother, 3 sisters, and nephew) to finish packing.

Airport Update: No Coke Zero, only Coke Light- not worth the Aspartame poisoning. Duty-free cafe’s are freshly baking butter Croissants, and the smell’s driving me CRAZY! 15 minutes until my protein drink and bar. They’re going to taste like Donuts by the time I eat.


Boarding now. Please let them serve Coke Zero…


Airplane update: No Coke Zero, but found some Diet 7-Up. The stewardess handed me a hot can of the stuff. How am I supposed to drink this HOT!? I asked for a glass of ice. A lot of minutes later, the ice didn’t arrive. Was I craving Diet 7-Up? Yes. Without ice? Screw it. Not worth the Aspartame poisoning.

15 Responses to “Trip to Makkah”

  1. Asma'a Says:

    YUMMY! Love the fish salad!
    And usually I like Kuwait Airways meal :p

  2. AlSubah Says:

    Tqabal allah 6a3tkom!

  3. j.z.j Says:

    Taqabal allah 6a3tkom w 3umra maqbola enshalah :D .. wallah 3ajabni ur review reading about 3umra from ur healthy point of view :p

    eli a3rfa al7en a7san wagt 7g el3umra nice weather, mako za7maa allah yarzegna enshalah

  4. Ahmed Says:

    “Sorry, no pictures of food or me taking a shower.”….aww man, no shower pics ;)

    So what did you do with the egg yolks in all the boiled egg whites you ate?

  5. A Says:

    Allamdullah ala al salammma :)

  6. FAHAD Says:

    A: Allah Esalmich :)

  7. FAHAD Says:

    Ahmed: Placed them in a bowl covered in tissue. Don’t want the people to freak out :p

  8. FAHAD Says:

    j.z.j: Ameen! It was amazing wala :)

  9. FAHAD Says:

    AlSubah: Mina o minik :)

  10. FAHAD Says:

    Asma’a: it was delicious!

  11. Talal Says:

    taqqabal allah 6a3tek.. o el7amdellah 3l salama…
    i thought I’d see something about “farroj faqeeh” in this post…:) its grilled and incredibly tasty, i figured it’d be on your to do list as it would if i went there..:)

  12. FAHAD Says:

    Talal: Mina o minik :)
    It’s not as healthy as it seems. The marination includes oil.

  13. Zahra Says:

    taqabal Allah.. I hate to tell you this bas tara tawaf el weda3 is only during hajj.. So you had an extra 7 go’s..: )))))

  14. ABR Says:

    تقبل الله طاعتك
    thanks for the great post.
    I’m going there next week enshallah.

  15. Hassan Says:

    There is a lot of people who believe in the same Allah seeing that you managed to go to haram so try sending some of your food to the poor and hungry there’s a lot of them
    Some of them are even dropping their children on the road to die right now on their quest for hunger for example.
    Beggars belief how does none of your article cover the unfortunate people and yet you are Muslims

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