The Orgasmic Diet

Stumbled upon this 2007 article which talks about THE ORGASMIC DIET for women (The Orgasmic Diet: Boost Your Libido And Boost Orgasm, patient by Marrena Lindberg).

In a nutshell, prostate it talks about how women can boost or regain their libido quickly with a good diet, this a few supplements and some exercise.

Here’s how:

  1. Fish Oil and at least 70% Dark Chocolate- to boost dopamine- a feel good chemical that boosts sexual anticipation and desire.
  2. Serotonin- a brain chemical that enhances alertness, improves mood and makes you happy. High levels of this stuff makes us control stress, appetite and provide us with energy. Too much serotonin will make you less relaxed for romance. Avoiding stimulants (caffeine, cigarettes and sugar) will help maintain the right level of serotonin for bang bang.
  3. Testosterone- horny women have higher levels of testosterone; this has been proven. How can a sexually stagnant women enhance her testosterone level? Eat more lean protein and less cupcakes. In addition, eat more fruits and vegetables. Supplementing with Zinc and Magnesium will also make you more fertile.
  4. Sex Food- 30% from lean protein, 30% from healthy monounsaturated fats such as raw Nuts and Olive Oil, and 40% from Fruits and Vegetables.
  5. Exercise- a combination of weight-training and a bit of cardio.

Dear Future Wife,


Regards / Fahad


6 Responses to “The Orgasmic Diet”

  1. Helal504 Says:

    You think dear ladies will give up their daily cheat meal habits for this? Less nutritious food is an epidemic & hard to resist!

  2. L Says:

    Anything for my baby boo.
    I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him(and me) happyyyy.

  3. Taz Says:

    Monsieur Fahad, this is wicked. hahaha! How about you add more spice to the dish and write something up for men?!

  4. Adam Says:

    hilarious dude! :)

  5. Yasu Says:

    haha. gotta take notes, i suppose. hey what about them lovely (and equally yummy) aphrodisiacs like avocado, shrimp, oyster and ginger? and when in doubt, theres always that “power drink” from Latifa Cafe =p

  6. Awdah Says:

    I think that’s very beneficial.
    I agree with Taz. Hope you could provide some info for men. It takes two to make a thing go right ;p


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