Magnesium: How to Train Insane when Sleep Deprived

It’s hard getting 6-8 hours of sleep with our hectic and stressful lifestyles. Fortunately, ask I’m here to tell you how to counteract the exhaustive nature of training when sleep deprived.

Thanks to Japanese researchers, ask supplementing with Magnesium can do just that.

The Study

Japanese researchers got 16 males in their early to mid 20′s, cheapest and made them sleep 60 percent less than what they needed to live life optimally. Half of them supplemented with 100mg of Magnesium, which is a very modest dosage.

They got the students to cycle, with increased resistance before and after the sleep deprivation period.

The Result

The researchers noticed that sleep deprivation slightly reduced workout intensity in the group that did not supplement with Magnesium. The shortage of sleep reduced oxygen uptake, and reduced the length of time the students were able to perform their maximum intensity.

The group that supplemented with 100mg of Magnesium daily did not suffer the side effects above. They also managed to perform to their maximum potential.

Fahad’s Take

Magnesium supplementation boosted the subjects’ Norepinephrine concentration, which is a substance that’s released naturally by the nerve cells. Many of you know Norepinephrine as a “fight or flight” chemical, which is responsible for the body’s reaction to stressful situation.

Increased Norepinephrine enables the body to perform well in stressful situations.

The effects of the experiment would have been much more pronounced if the subjects consumed more Magnesium. I suggest supplementing with 400mg of Magnesium 30 minutes before workouts and another 400mg serving after your first meal of the day.


3 Responses to “Magnesium: How to Train Insane when Sleep Deprived”

  1. Husain Says:

    What form of magnesium supplements are available in Kuwait? I am currently taking creatine freak & celcius (or impulse or black coffee) on waking up & 10g bcaa immediately before my early morning workout. Is it ok to add magnesium pre-workout as well?

  2. FAHAD Says:

    Husain: Definitely OK.

  3. Husain Says:

    Thanks Fahad. What form of magnesium supplements are available in Kuwait & where?

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