Getting Sick? Drop the C! Load on ZINC

The first thing ANYONE and almost EVERYONE does is reach for those effervescent Vitamin C tablets whenever they start to feel under the weather. Vitamin C’s fine, stuff but it’s a little too late to ingest it once you’re sick. What most people don’t know is Vitamin C is ONLY EFFECTIVE WHEN YOU’RE NOT SICK.

I know that doesn’t make any sense, store but it actually does if you just give me a second to explain. Vitamin C reduces the chances of getting sick, which means you should be popping a few milligrams of Vitamin C when you’re NOT SICK.

Mind boggled? Amazed? Confused? Frustrated? That’s OK- you should be. You should also be happy because I’m about to drop one hell of an alternative: ZINC!

The Research

Researchers at the University of Helsinki discovered that if you’re suffering from one hell of a cold, Zinc can help you recover more quickly. HOWEVER, you’ll need a lot of Zinc to do that.

Another Research Study

This study concluded that popping Zinc within 24 hours of getting the symptoms reduces the duration and severity of the common cold in healthy people. I know I diverted away from the first study, but I needed to point this out in order to give you guys a few pointers on WHEN to start taking your Zinc supplement.

How Much Zinc?

Less than 75 mg per day? No effect.

More than 75 mg per day? 42% reduction in sickness duration.

Roughly 200 mg per day? 64% reduction in sickness duration!

It’s worth noting the researchers used Zinc lozenges, which they say is better than Zinc tablets. The other research study above used Zinc tablets, so in my opinion both methods are perfectly fine.

Fahad’s Take

200 mg is A LOT to take every single day, which is why you should only take that much when you start feeling sick up until you get better. Once that happens, reduce intake to 30 mg (minimum amount per day) for health and fitness purposes.


2 Responses to “Getting Sick? Drop the C! Load on ZINC”

  1. Ro Says:

    Any specific sickness Fahad? Cold, flu?

  2. FAHAD Says:

    Ro: Common Cold and Flu.

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