3 grams of Fish Oil Reduces Midsection Fat in Women

According to the French, try if you sneak 3 grams of Fish Oil in your mother’s, healing wife’s, salve girlfriend’s or mistress’s mouth, she’ll lose the flab around her midsection. Specifically, the fat cells will shrink.

Ze French

The researchers at Inserm in France discovered that fatty acids from fish blunted the growth of fat cells. If you supplement with Fish Oil or eat a lot of fatty Fish WHILE DIETING, you’ll lose weight a lot quicker than a diet without Fish Oil supplementation or eating fatty fish.

In addition, they also discovered that weight loss is even faster if you combine dieting, supplementation or ingestion of Fish Oil and EXERCISE. This effect occurs because fatty acids from Fish enhance fat loss in muscles.

Low Dose Experiment

The French researchers used a low dosage of 3 grams of Fish Oil per day- which in my opinion is very low. This serving provided a total of 1.8 grams of Omega-3.

In the experiment, half of the female volunteers were given Fish Oil capsules. The other half were given placebo pills.

The Result

The Fish Oil users lost an average of 1 kg, while the placebo group lost nothing. The Fish Oil group lost TOTAL FAT MASS and nothing else- no muscle loss- they lost ONLY FAT MASS.

In addition, the most fat mass lost was around the midsection (abdomen, waist and hips).

Fahad’s Take

The women in the experiment did not diet or exercise, yet they still managed to lose 1 kilogram of fat mass. In my opinion, 3 grams of Fish Oil is a good starting point, but we all need a lot more than that. Our bodies cannot synthesize Omega-3, which is why it’s called an ESSENTIAL FATTY ACID.

Start with 3 grams of Fish Oil, 1 gram after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Increase dosage to 6 grams per day. You may go up to 15 grams if you want, and that isn’t a lot. Remember that a can of Wild Red Salmon has 13 grams of Fish Oil, and I do agree that popping 15 soft gels per day sounds like overkill.

What About Males?

Fish Oil benefits us a lot more than females, with the inclusion of what you see up top. I’ll be sure to blog about how it’s SUPER beneficial to both genders in the near future.


6 Responses to “3 grams of Fish Oil Reduces Midsection Fat in Women”

  1. nyn Says:

    y3ni u mean akhith 7abtin b3d kil meal ?! cuz il7aba ilwa7da 525 mg , bs ehwa maktob 3al go6i “ONE-A-DAY” ?!

  2. FAHAD Says:

    nyn: Yes- 2 after each meal.

  3. Yasmin Says:

    Doesn’t the intake amount seem a bit steep? No negative side effects?

  4. lamya Says:

    Hi fahad, just wanted to know what’s the difference between omega 3,6,9 and fish oil ?? r they the same?
    i take 1 capsul of omega 3,6,9 daily what should i add to it?

  5. Reham Says:

    Wow never knew that. Its gonna be on my list to lose my baby weight.

  6. FAHAD Says:

    lamya: You don’t need Omega 6 and 9 since I’m more than sure you’re getting those two from your current food intake. What you do need is Omega-3. Invest in a high-dosed Fish Oil supplement.

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