Q&A – 17/10/2011

Better late than never, viagra right? RIGHT?!

October’s Q&A, cheapest ask me and I’ll answer as per the instructions below:

  1. Ask me anything you want (preferably related to health and fitness), story but keep it short.
  2. I’ll answer as fast as humanely possible (which is pretty slow by my standards so be patient).
  3. It’s free, so kindly take advantage but not too much (i.e. don’t ask me to compose an entire lifestyle for you).
  4. Be as detailed as possible, provided your current lifestyle (goals, eating habits, physical activities, physical stats) and whatever problems you’re struggling with to reach your goal.

Have a great day!

71 Responses to “Q&A – 17/10/2011”

  1. Om Simsim Says:

    Hi Fahad,
    I need to know the best exercises, food to help tone and tighten post pregnancy belly plz.
    I had my baby 22 days ago, my belly is pretty back to its normal look now but needs toning.. Any advice?


  2. FAHAD Says:

    Om Simsim: you’re currently going through a major hormonal imbalance phase. You’ll be suffering from sudden weight gain brought by a lot of water retention and a semi-sluggish metabolism. My advise is DO NOT go on a strict low-calorie diet, because you’ll be needing the nutrients to feed the baby through breast-feeding.

    With regards to exercise, brisk walking should do the job, for now. With dieting, stick to unprocessed and all-natural foods. Focus on lean protein, healthy fats, veggies and then starchy carbohydrates.

  3. Husain Says:


    I need your feedback on my current diet. My aim is to lose fat from my mid-section (which I don’t I have too much, but its been quite stubborn).

    Wake up at 4:15 AM:
    1 liter of water

    20 minutes later:
    Black Coffee

    Workout from 5:30 AM to 7:00 AM (including cardio)
    Sip on 1.5 liters of water + 10 gm of BCAA during workout

    Post Workout 7:00 AM:
    2 Scoops of ON Whey Protein

    Breakfast 8:00 AM:
    225 gm Chicken Breast
    50 gm green lentil
    3 slices of non-fat cheese
    2 Slices of KFM Whole Wheat Toast
    1 Single Egg Omelet
    2 Cucumbers

    Lunch 1:00 PM:
    2 tblspns Peanut Butter
    1 Scoop Whey Protein
    125 gm Fat Free Greek Yogurt
    2 tsp Unsweetened Cocoa
    50 gm Hulled Sunflower Seeds
    2 Cucumbers

    Dinner 6:30 PM:
    2 Boiled Eggs
    3 Whole Wheat Chapatis
    Handful of Rice

    Late Night Snack 10:00 PM:
    125 gm Fat Free Greek Yogurt
    1 Scoop Whey Protein

    Another 3.5 liters of water throughout the day.

    I did a rough calorie calculation of my current diet and it seems like I am consuming around 2000 calories a day. Is that too low for me? I workout 6 days a week. I currently weigh around 83 kg (was 87 before Ramadan).

  4. Sakina Says:


    I am a working women aged 34 with an extremely hectic lifestyle. I am suffering from chronic fatigue and experience tremendous pain in my shoulders. Recently I got my “Bone density test” and “Thyroid function test” done”. My bones & thyroid are in good condition.

    I weigh 59 kgs. I do my breathing exercise daily without fail. I drink 8 ounce-8 glasses of water every day and in between also do the water therapy where I drink 1.5 liters of water in the morning. I have a healthy diet (lots of fresh fruits & veggies).

    I sleep well for around 7 hrs per day. Yet I end up feeling exhausted 24-7. I also tried health supplements but it did not make any difference. Kindly provide me some basic food requirements that help overcome CHRONIC FATIGUE.

    I had posted this question to you earlier and am looking forward to your response this time.

  5. Sarah Says:

    Good luck answering this month’s questions fahad! So Here’s mine:
    is it possible for skin to shrink to your new body shape after weightloss? I have read that it takes up to 2 years for that process to happen, exfoliation and moisturizing help speed it up. I’m not talking about excess skin and being over saggy, but it’s there, the sagginess is visible ;( you know when you grab on your tummy/thighs try and pull it up, it looks better. I really need less skin, and I don’t want to even consider surgery. I hope i don’t need to. I’m patient and hard working so will that happen? Any tips?

  6. FAHAD Says:

    Husain: How are your energy levels? Do you feel drained or balanced?

  7. FAHAD Says:

    Sakina: Show me your current lifestyle. I need to know what you’re exactly eating and snack on throughout the day.

  8. Alzaabi Says:

    Salam 3leikm,

    1. Fahad can u please give me an effective biceps and abs workout?

    2. How much should i add weights to my workouts? Do i add 10 lb every workout? For example, week1: bench press 50lb (on each side).. Week2: bench press 55lb?

    Note: i train every muscle once a week

  9. FAHAD Says:

    Sarah: Yes, but it takes a veeeerrryyy loooonnngggg tiiiimmmeeee. Here’s my advice:
    1) High protein, Moderate Fat, Moderate Carb Diet- choose only healthy sources of each.
    2) WEIGHT-TRAIN. Added muscle pulls all loose skin. Don’t worry- you won’t turn into the Hulk as long as you keep calories moderate.
    3) Pilates and Yoga. Proven to add flexibility and tighten loose skin.
    4) DRINK A LOT OF WATER. Very crucial for skin rejuvenation. Speeds up the process of everything I posted above.

    Good luck!

  10. FAHAD Says:


    1) DB Curls (2 light sets of 15 reps), Straight BB Curls (3 heavy sets of 6-8 reps), EZ-Bar Curls (3 heavy sets of 6-8 reps), Hammer Curls (3 heavy sets of 6-8 reps).

    2) Increase as little as possible (the lightest weight available at your gym) every week. Little increase go a long way when it comes to muscle mass.

  11. .R' Says:

    Hi Fahad,

    In twitter You said that my question needs more than 140 characters to answer ;p

    So, I’ve asked you before about how can I increase my height throughout my diet an you suggested some vitamins and other medical stuff. My question is what “food” have the needed vitamins and other stuff to boost my growth hormones.

    And does doing stretches on a high bar “at3allag 3laih” helps in making me get more height?

    I’m 19 and a half and my height is around 168 maybe.

    Thanks w y36eek el3afiya!

  12. Sarah Says:

    I know I know ey6awel ;( bs amrey lallah .. I can gladly say that I do all of the above except for the weight training, i’ll start that right away! Ur so helpful, I can’t thank you enough! just a quick question, it’s also a suggestion that I have had in mind. Have you heard about P90x exercise program? It’s kind of old but the reviews are great. I’m thinking of starting it after finishing Insanity(my current exercising program) would p90x be good for weight training? The suggestion is that you review these DVDs, I found them to be very helpful! Insanity literally shed inches off my body and i’m only half way through the program! lot of us don’t have time to go to they gym, so it might help a lot of readers that exercise at home! Anyway, it’s just a suggestion. Thanks again.

  13. Husain Says:


    My energy level is ok. Not too bad. Workouts are fast and energetic. I am on this diet since 1 month before Ramadan, but haven’t yet seen any changes in my mid-section. By the way what is your take on the protein shake post-workout?

  14. imChunckyHelpMe Says:

    heyyyyyyyyy fahad :D

    my question is , i have like severe hair loss goin’ on plus i always feel dizzy half the time, anyway my Hb level in my body turbs out to be 5.0 ?? so what foods can i eat that will boost my Hb & iron levels in my body ?

    thanx in advanced Master ;p
    p.s. ima grl

  15. Mohammad Says:

    Salam 3laykum Fahad !

    One question lao sama7t: how long someone can be on multi vitamins. I’ve heard 6 months on max, and I heared 1 month on 1 month off. Your answer is greatly appreciated.

    p.s. By just reading the q’s and answers is very informative. jzaak Allah khair okhoy Fahad.

  16. FAHAD Says:

    .R’: Hanging on a pulling up bar is not going to increase height. That doesn’t even make sense.

    Here’s what will:
    1) Lean Red Meat
    2) Shrimp
    3) Salmon
    4) Nuts (Almonds & Walnuts)
    5) Green Veggies
    6) High Fiber Fruits
    7) Wholegrain Carbs 8) Nonfat Yogurt/Cottage Cheese/Greek Yogurt

    Limit caffeine intake.
    Drink a lot of water.
    Sleep 8-9 hours per day.
    Eliminate stress.
    Weight lift.
    Do cardio.

  17. FAHAD Says:

    Sarah: P90x is great! I suggest you use that to tackle weight training.

  18. FAHAD Says:

    Husain: What about cardio? Duration & intensity?

  19. FAHAD Says:

    imCHUNKYhelpme: You’re probably low on protein. Add lean red meat to your diet and eat this snack once daily (below):

    -1 container of nonfat yogurt
    -1/4 cup Pomegranate
    -1/4 cup Blue/Black/Raspberries
    -7 Raw Walnuts
    -1 tsp Natureland Raw Honey

  20. Husain Says:

    25-30 minutes either Cross trainer average speed 10 or swimming which I am still learning. Do you think my current diet can help me lose fat from my mid-section or do I need to make any changes to it?

  21. FAHAD Says:

    Mohammed: Appreciate your kind words brother :)

    Assuming you’re using a safe and absorbable multi vitamin & mineral, you can be on them your entire life.

    Vitamins & minerals are found in the foods that we eat every single day. Would it make sense to cut those foods out? Nope.

    However, I am against using a multi because of bad eating habits. Perfect your diet then add a multi whenever stress increases.

  22. FAHAD Says:

    Husain: it needs tweaking and your cardio sucks big time bro :p. I can’t tweak it now because I’m replying through my phone.

  23. Husain Says:

    Please provide me with your suggestions for diet whenever possible. Also let me know what should I do for cardio.

  24. Ryan Says:

    Right! :D
    First of all, after losing 7 kg in ramadan, I’ve been following your 1500 calorie diet plan for 6 weeks and your “Calorie-Suck-O-Matic” workout plan for 4 weeks  and the results are great (1-2 kg loss a week)
    BUT I’m having  orthostatic hypotension, which is when I suddenly stand up (not everytime) my blood pressure goes down so I get dizzy and have white vision for 2-3 seconds then I’m ok. Although this happens to me (Again, not all the time)  I didn’t stop the diet because everything else is going well. So what do u think should I do about it ? Or should I just ignore it ? Keep in mind that I’m 16.
    Secondly, since school started, I’m not eating anything after breakfast for 8 hours.. I can’t have lunch there, maybe a snack. But if it’s ok with me should I stay like this or is it bad for some reason ?
    Lastly, just wanted to point out that your blog is full of REALLY helpful info and tips that helped me stick to a healthy lifestyle. Everytime I need motovation I start reading your old posts (and tweets :p). Even if I have a question I use google to search your blog. Can’t express how grateful Iam to you.

  25. Going Insane Says:

    Hi Fahad,
    Ive been taking OxyElite Pro per your recommendation on a previous tweet. Ive lost 5 pounds so far in a week. Is there a particular diet that I should follow in order to optimize weight loss with the supplement?

    Weight: 168 pounds
    Height: 165 cm
    I take a supplement of 2 pills per day as recommended by the bottle.


  26. Alzaabi Says:

    Thanks fahad! But im a bit hopeless when it comes to meals…

    What kind of meal that has high protein, high carbs that i can take to school with me?

    I eat every day at 10:20 (lunch time)
    2 peanut butter sandwich (brown toast)
    2 smoked breast turkey sandwich (brow toast)

    Is their any suggestions/reccommendations?

  27. FAHAD Says:

    Ryan: First of all, THANK YOU! Heart felt words my young friend :)

    Secondly, that 8 hour window is too much. You need to feed 4-5 hrs after breakfast. I recommend an Apple and 15 raw Almonds

    Are you drinking enough water? Show me your current meal plan.

  28. FAHAD Says:

    Going Insane: I have 3-4 fat loss plans. Click on the “Cookie Cutter Diet Plans” section on the right.

    And great results :)

  29. FAHAD Says:

    Alzaabi: Show me your entire day, from breakfast to dinner :) .

  30. Ryan Says:

    An apple and almonds are perfect, but won’t I have to cut something else to maintain 1500 calories?
    I follow everything mentioned in your 1500 calorie diet.
    As for the water, currently im not drinking enough. But I suspected it was the problem too and tried drinking more for 2 days and the dizziness still occured.
    Anyway, it doesn’t happen often like before and I have enough energy while exercising.

  31. WhoSSayin Says:

    Hey Fahad,

    My question is simple. I’ve done most of your fitness plans: dieting & working out, and fasted training. Results were, as expected al7amdlellah, mind-blowing. Now, the question is, can I alternate between fasted training & working-out-while-eating-a-balanced-diet through out the week? E.g. 3 days of fasted training, and 4 days of working out & dieting? And is a cheat day allowed in between? :p

    Thanks so much!

  32. FAHAD Says:

    Ryan: Don’t cut anything please. Stay above 1,500 for now. It’ll aid fat loss and your metabolism for the better. :)

  33. FAHAD Says:

    WhoSSayin: Great update! Thanks!
    You may alternate between the two, but calories stay the same throughout. Throw one cheat meal on a fasted training day. Cheat at the meal you break your fast in.

  34. Alzaabi Says:

    Wake up at 6
    Breakfast at 6:30
    School 7:20
    Break 10:20
    Prayer break 12:50
    Lunch at 3
    Jiu jitsu on Mon,Wed from 5:30-7:30
    Workout everyday 7-8 (if i have jiu jitsu, the workout will be from 8:30-9:30)
    Dinner at 10

    Note: this is my weekday schedule :)

    Stats: 17, 177 cm, 70kg

  35. Rachel Says:

    Hi Fahad, Im 20 years studying in the US. I currently weigh 78 kgs and am 5ft 3 in.
    Please suggest me a diet/workout so as to lose about 10 kgs in two months.

    For the past one week my breakfast has been wholegrain brown bread with one organic egg (fried with one tablespoon of canola oil), black coffee with clover honey.
    For lunch I usually eat some salad, fruits or a Peanut butter jelly sandwich.
    Peanut butter is smart balance and for the jam is raspberry preserve.
    For dinner I eat some fruit yoghurt or fruits or oatmeal w/milk.
    I eat organic fruits and milk.

    I incline up the treadmill and do bit of of the elliptical trainer and burn an average of 700 calories.

    Please suggest any changes to lose weight especially belly fat :(

    Due to my busy college and work schedule I can workout like 4-5 times a week at most for an hour and half. I do not know much about weightlifting for weight loss so if that is needed please guide.

    Thanks so much!

  36. Open Mind Says:

    Fahad, I’ve recently been diagnosed with PCOS and would love if you could draw out a diet plan to help me & other sufferers out there since many women seem to be affected by this. The diagnosis came about due to major abnormal hair loss, hirsuitism, weight gain etc which led to subsequent blood tests. My estradiol is low but sugar levels and insulin sensitivity are ok as of now. The doctor will be treating me with the usual method of a birth control pill but has also recommended weight loss as it helps to a large extend. Accordingly, please help by recommending a diet plan specifically tailored for PCOS yet which won’t compromise on hair needs. I am 5 feet and weight 65kgs :(

    It’d be great if you could do a whole post on PCOS. Thank you. I appreciate your blog.

  37. Syed Says:

    As-salam alaikum Fahad, hope you are doing fine.
    I would like to ask you about USP oxylite pro, it has to be taken before workout (evening) or before breakfast? as per the instructions written there, it is written to take it before breakfast but till i start my workout which is in the evening, it will be out of my system. please suggest and also how many capsules at a time should be taken.
    Also required is a diet plan for my aunt who is 50+ very very overweight. height 5′ 1″ or 5′ 2″, weight whooping 140kgs. takes blood pressure medication, thyroid medication, have less bone density due to lack of calcium, has cervical spondlysis, i think she also has pre-diabetes, doesn’t move around a lot, doesn’t drink lot of water, eats basically all the scrap indian food. pls. suggest a good diet plan for her.
    Thanks in advance.

  38. K Says:

    Hi Fahad,

    My target is too loose about 5 kgs and I have lost about 5 already by making little lifestyle changes. Here what I do –

    Wake up at 7, breakfast at 8 includes 2 glass of warm water, couple boiled eggs or occasional plain brown toast with honey or fruits like apple and banana and a glass of almond milk.

    Lunch at 1 – I have certainly started and all raw or blanched vegetable lunch which would include fresh salads and sometimes lean protein like grilled chicken.

    I feel hungry at 4-5ish and can help but eat a little chocolate for my sweet carvings!! Or And I tend to bake in evening and end up eating the damn batter :P

    Another problem is the time to exercise, I do a 30 minute brisk walking at 6ish and that’s it! I should probably find time in the morning, but duh.

    Dinner at 9-10 is where I think I have a problem, I sometimes end up eating rice which I believe isn’t a great option. But being tired and all, these days I have resorted to nutritious soups like lentil soups, tomatoes soup, mostly brothy soups! I’m looking for a low carb, low sugar diet.

    What do you recommend? Thanks

  39. FAHAD Says:

    Alzaabi: That’s great, but I also want details on what you eat so that I know your limitations and restrictions with regards to food. Come on bro, work with me! :P

  40. FAHAD Says:

    Rachel: I advise you look over one of my Cookie Cutter Diet Plans first. Pick one and give me your feedback.

  41. FAHAD Says:

    Open Mind: I’ve dealt with women who suffer from PCOS and they all have failed miserably. The harsh reality of it is the diet itself. You’ll have to cut sugary and starchy carbohydrates completely. Are you willing to commit?

  42. FAHAD Says:

    1) Before workout or breakfast depending on which one’s first.
    2) Start with 1 capsule in the morning and another before lunch by 30 minutes. Increase to 2 at breakfast and keep the one before lunch to 1.
    3) Can’t customize a diet plan for her if I don’t thoroughly understand her lifestyle. Is she willing to put in the work? 140kg at the age of over 50 is not something that happened overnight.

  43. FAHAD Says:

    K: Why change anything if you’re already on track? I see a few things that need tweaking:
    Upon Waking: 2 glasses of room temp water
    Breakfast: Ditch the bread and eat your boiled eggs with fruits & a glass of Almond Milk. Ditch the banana too. Go for berries or an Apple.
    Lunch: Always include lean protein at this meal. Throw in a handful of raw Walnuts or Almonds, or add 1 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar.
    Snack: As long as this meal is 3-5 hours after lunch, indulge in a few pieces of chocolate or a bit of whatever you baked.
    Exercise: Do whatever you can currently do. Don’t push yourself for more if you can’t do it.
    Dinner: Here’s a great filling meal: add 1/2 cup of cooked white rice to lentil soup with veggies on the side.

    Lastly, I suggest you get yourself Clipper Organic White Tea (any flavor- Vanilla, Raspberry, Orange) and drink a teabag 3 times a day after meals. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water too.

    Good luck! :)

  44. Syed Says:

    Fahad, thanks for your reply.
    I don’t think that she will be able to do some workout. Yes, she was overweight since decades. It didn’t happen overnight.
    she is a widow, home-maker, nothing much to do. she wakes up in the morning, breakfast. majority of time watching tv or sleeping. usually doesn’t sleeps in the night, sleeps in the day time. lifestyle is totally messed up.

  45. Maya Says:

    Hi fahad,

    Your website is great. I am really enjoying the information and tips. 9 months back I had to take steroids (prednisone) to treat chronic sinusitis. As a result, I took 7-8 kgs, mostly in my abdomen (I was regularly asked if I was pregnant).
    I am now down to a very low level of steroid and am following a low cal, low fat diet. I do the elliptical 40 mns most days of the week and lost 2-3 kgs. I still have to fight hard in order not to give in to cravings.
    Any tips on how to make weight loss more efficient?

  46. AMJ Says:

    Y36ek il3afya … u talked about “Cratine Freak” ,, what do you think about “Ripped Freak” or “Lipo6″ for losing like the last few kilo of ‘Na7asa’ fat !!
    Btw im on ur 1000 cal diet and workout 6 days/week

    Thnx V

  47. FAHAD Says:

    Syed: I’m not saying exercise. I’m saying is she willing to put up with the hassle of dieting.

    I’m talking out of experience. I’ve dealt with 50+ yr old women. 100% of the time they don’t follow the plan because old habits are hard to break.

  48. Syed Says:

    yes, as she is facing health problems, she is fed up and really wants to do something. my cousins are ready to force it upon her. actually she started some word-of-mouth dieting and already lost 4 kgs which i think is water.

  49. FAHAD Says:

    Maya: what’s your current diet like? Show me your daily routine please.

  50. FAHAD Says:

    AMJ: fat burners should be used for those last stubborn kilos.

    Use OxyElite Pro.

  51. Maya Says:

    Hi fahad,

    Breakfast is usually between 7 and 8 one or two pieces of whole wheat toast (small) with 30 g white cheese or one egg.
    Lunch is at 12:30 (at work) and is 90-100g proteins with one cup of brown rice or other starches (brown bread, bulgur…) and a salad.
    Dinner is around 6:30 – 7 pm and is 4 toasts or equivalent with low fat cheese or 2 eggs or turkey ham and a salad or a veggie soup.
    I also eat 3 fruits during the day as snacks and drink a lot of black coffee and green tea.
    I exercise around 9 pm when the kids sleep.
    My problem is the weekend where the routine is more relaxed.

  52. Husain Says:

    Hey bro,

    Awaiting your suggestions for my diet and cardio.

  53. FAHAD Says:

    Maya: Here’s my suggestion:
    7-8 am: Breakfast – Two boiled Omega-3 Eggs, 50 grams Valbreso Light Feta Cheese & Veggies (no bread- salt & pepper are allowed)
    12 – 1 pm: Lunch – (4-5 hrs after breakfast) Stays the same
    5 – 6 pm: Snack – 1 container of nonfat yogurt, 7 raw Walnuts + 1 Fruit
    10 – 11 pm: Dinner – 1-cup Skimmed Milk + 1/2-cup All-Bran Plus + 2 tsps Raw Honey

    Drink water, white tea and plain black coffee in between meals.

  54. FAHAD Says:

    Wake up at 4:15 AM:
    1 liter of water

    20 minutes later:
    Black Coffee

    5:30 am – 10g BCAA (don’t sip, chug it down right before you workout)

    Post Workout 7:00 AM:
    10 grams BCAA’s

    Breakfast 8:00 AM:
    250 gm (uncooked weight) Chicken Breast
    1/4-cup (uncooked weight) Green Lentils
    1-cup (cooked weight) Basmati Brown Rice
    2 Cucumbers

    Lunch 1:00 PM:
    2 scoops of Whey Protein
    2 tablespoons of All-Natural Peanut Butter
    2 tablespoons Unsweetened Cocoa

    Dinner 6:30 PM:
    3 Boiled Eggs
    2 slices of Frico Light Gouda Cheese
    Bowl of Veggies

    11:30 am – Snack
    200 gm Fat Free Greek Yogurt
    2 Scoops Whey Protein
    2 tablespoons Unsweetened Cocoa

    Drink 1 teabag of White Tea 30 minutes after each meal & snack.

  55. Lulu Says:

    Hey! I just have some questions that have been on my mind.

    1) Why is it recommended to drink white tea after every meal?

    2)Does milk (and I’m NOT lactose intolerant) bloat the stomach?

    3)Is the supplement Supradyn efficient daily?

  56. Husain Says:


    Thanks for the updated diet plan bro.

    – Can I replace the brown rice at breakfast with white basmati rice?

    – Can I replace Frico Light Gouda Cheese with another fat free cheese?

    – Cardio suggestions?

  57. Husain Says:

    No sunflower seeds?

  58. Alzaabi Says:

    Fahad, i eat everything that tastes good ;p
    Breakfast: 3 eggs or 5 eggo waffles or protein plus kellogs cereal

    Break: 2 peanut butter sandwich and 2 turkey sandwich

    Prayer time break: 1 scoop whey protein shake

    Lunch: whateva mama cooks, but i eat meat more than anything (rice, spaghetti, etc)

    Post workout: gatarode recovery and 2 peanut butter sandwich and 1 scoop whey protein shake

    Dinner: tuna or kobe hamburger, and 1 scoop casein shake

    Please give me ur feedback

    2. About the creatine freak, can i consume it since im 17?

  59. AMJ Says:

    Ok ,, Thnx ,, but where can i find it ? and whats the daily intake ? and how long do you think i should be on it ?


  60. Rachel Says:

    Ok thanks. But is it okay to stick to my current workout? or do I need something more to reach the desired weightloss? Is my diet not good enough? Will start one of your diets next monday though.

  61. Farooq Says:

    Wanted to ask your views on cognitive enhancement drugs. Whether to use them or not or if to use, then what and how.

  62. Syed Says:

    she is ready to take that extra step and effort for dieting, waiting for your kind effort in setting a plan for her. Thanks.

  63. RST Says:

    Hi fahad. I’ve been following all your health tips and I’ve been on a 1000 calorie diet for a month now and I have only lost 3 kg. Is that normal? I exercise daily for an hour. My weight is 57 and my goal weight is 55. My height is 162. What could I be doing wrong?
    thank you

  64. FAHAD Says:

    RST: The closer you are to your ideal weight the harder it gets.

    Add 200 calories please.

  65. FAHAD Says:

    Farooq: Are you referring to caffeine or REAL drugs for cognitive performance enhancement?

  66. arwa Says:

    hi fahad i have few questions, last week i have been on 1000 cal diet and workout daily min. 2hrs n i lost .5 kg i want to loose more than that takin in mind that the few weeks before i was workin 3 days a week for 2 hrs and was eating 1400 cal a day n didnt lose any kilos !!! so is this normal ?!
    my second question is where can i find a good body fat measuring machine ?!!
    and thnxxx for the awsome blog :D

  67. FAHAD Says:

    arwa: how much do you weigh?

  68. arwa Says:

    nw 105 kg, 165 height n 24 old … i have lost inches but i want to lose kilos too !!! n should i increse my cal intake or stay the same 1,000 ?! btw am calculating my carbs n fat and as far as i know am taking half of the amount that is required for my weight !!!

  69. Farooq Says:

    Real Drugs, Adderall (amphetamine), Ritalin or Beta blocker etc…..your views on them. Whether to use them or not or if to use, then what and how…..

  70. AMJ Says:

    Hi fahad,

    i have a question cuz im kinda stuck here .. iv been on ur 1000 calorie diet for bout 6 months now .. i have lost weight (havent been weighin in bs i no i hav) ,, i workput 6 days a week ..
    bs ily screws my diet lama i take the cheat on weekends ,, i dont no when to schedule it or how much to eat or what kind of foods so that i dont ruin my diet mara wa7da .. sometimes i dont eat much bs dessert sometimes it drags on for like 3 days of \\\”t5rbi6\\\” .. and by sunday i lost my abs !!
    should i just lose the cheat and keep goin with the diet? wila lazem i \\\”carb up\\\” ?
    im workin towards losing those last kilos and GAINING more leen muscle !

    thnx for ur time
    uv been a GREAT help

    V AJ

  71. Ahmed Says:

    Hey Fahad, would it be possible for you to start making posts describing some common food ingredients ( soy protein isolate maltodextrin, high maltose corn syrup, vegetable glycerin…) and their positive/negative effects? Because lately i have been paying more attention to ingredient listings, and i think it would help everyone to know what exactly is in their food.

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