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I used to be a Creatine junkie a few years ago. When I’m on Creatine I turn into SUPERMAN! No no wait- when I’m on Creatine I can make Superman cry, dosage then probably round it off by slapping Chuck Norris a few times.

I wrote a long post where I detailed my history with Creatine Monohydrate, ampoule but it got deleted. Since I’m in no mood to recall what I wrote, cialis 40mg I’ll briefly explain why the supplement you see above is awesome:

  1. It works.

That’s it. Seriously. I’ve been on it for almost 3 weeks now and my workouts are otherworldly. Keep in mind that my current supplement stack includes:

  • Multi-Vitamins & Minerals
  • Fish Oil
  • BCAA’s (Branched Chained Amino Acids)
  • Whey & Casein Protein on hand (I use them once a week whenever I can’t eat a solid meal)

Here are the changes that went on in these 2 weeks:

  • Stronger grip
  • Increase in workout weights
  • Faster recovery between sets and exercises
  • Faster workout pace
  • Muscle fullness and density
  • Enhanced nutrient uptake (more into the muscle and less anywhere else)

Serving Suggestion

3 capsules 30 minutes before hitting the weights on an empty stomach. That’s it.

It contains no caffeine, but it has a mild stimulant that enhances focus and mood. I chase the 3 capsules with a can of Celsius.


All in all, I think this is a great well-rounded product. I’ll be jumping into another cycle of Creatine Freak once I’m done with this one.

For more information, click here. Creatine Freak’s available at Results Vitamin Shop.

12 Responses to “Creatine FREAK”

  1. helal504 Says:

    Dear Fahad,
    I heard that creatine has a bad side effect on the liver, can you explain how could that happen or the possibility of it happening?

  2. FAHAD Says:

    helal504: The kidney. Creatine Monohydrate (which isn’t this version) converts into CREATININE, which is a waste product from Creatine use. Creatine Freak contains Creatine HCL, which does not convert into Creatinine.

  3. Ahmad Al-Sawad Says:


    I think there is something wrong here?

    The creatine type which is existing in your freak is not monohydrate? It is a newest type of creatine invented into supplements market called: Creatine HCI (Concentrated Creatine Hydrochloride), and of course this new type supported with tons of new researches claim it is better absorption and bioavailability than every other creatine types!

    For me, I tried this type of creatine (HCI) and it gives me nothing? just wasting my money!
    So I’m wondering how it works into your case? Maybe each body responds into different manner regarding to supplements?!

    My body works perfectly with 2 kinds of creatine:
    1) Original Monohydrate (Old Style)
    2) Kre-Alkalyn


  4. FAHAD Says:

    Ahmad Al-Sawad: Creatine Freak contains Creatine HCL. Creatine Monohydrate works great with me, but this works a lot better.
    Which brand did you use? I’m assuming you used Creatine Ethyl Ester, which is a crappy creatine compound as opposed to HCL, Monohydrate & Kre-Alkalyn.

  5. Ahmad Al-Sawad Says:

    I didn’t used CEE yet!

    The brand which I was talking about is: CON-CRET, which has the same HCl

  6. FAHAD Says:

    Ahmad Al Sawad: Con-Crete’s the best! Everybody differs bro.

  7. AMJ Says:

    ok ,, how does this fall in for the ladies? i workout 6 days a week, my workouts consist of mostly interval training of strength and cardio ,, but sometimes i put cardio on one day and strength on another.
    my problem is that sometimes i dont have enough energy (im on you 1000 cal diet plan btw) ,, so will this help ??

    Thanx V

  8. FAHAD Says:

    AMJ: It will help, but your problem has to do with energy. You need more carb calories.

    I advise adding a portion of fruit.

  9. Bo Ramzi Says:

    will it help with ppl who are trying to loose the last 5-10lbs of weight and increase endurance during strength training?

    a few sites mention that it could increase your weight.

  10. FAHAD Says:

    Bo Ramzi: It’ll increase muscle weight, not fat weight. So yes- it’ll help keep your strength and endurance up.

  11. Rob Says:

    Hey Fahad,

    Any ideas as to where I could buy Con Cret from? I asked at Oxygen and they told me they will get the new stocks only in december.


  12. FAHAD Says:

    Rob: Results Vitamin Shop sell Creatine Freak.

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