Got a lot of hits on my HGH post. Made me “hmmm” for a bit, information pills then got me thinking.

I actually didn’t think that long. I just saw the amount of hits I got and then decided I should talk more about the darker side of health and fitness.

Stay tuned. And I apologize in advance.


7 Responses to “TRYING TO BE FAHAD: The Dark Side”

  1. Ahmad Al-Sawad Says:

    No need to Apologize?
    Your post was awsome and very realistic… and don’t forget
    إرضاء الناس غاية لا تدرك
    :-) )

  2. nahin123 Says:

    For HGH or steroid use, you atleast need 6 month of proper weight lifting with a proper diet…
    Forgot to mention this in the previous post

  3. Ahmed Says:

    The dark side is always tempting

  4. Zaid Says:

    Hey Fahad!

    Hope all is good with you bro! Long time! Although still out of Kuwait, and rarely comment, I still keep up with your blog on a daily basis. This has nothing to do with your dark side post, but I could not find your Q&A post! Anyways, what are your thoughts about consuming soups as part of a diet. Nothing specific here, just in general, ingesting calories in that form. Are there any specific recipes you have?

  5. Kevin Says:

    Dear Fahad ,

    I’d like to share this with you .

  6. Ahmed Says:

    Hey fahad
    i need to loose atleast 2 inches of my stomach

    could you recomend some the best fatburner avail in kuwait . plus i wanna gain some good muscle, i work out 5 days a week 3 days weigts and 2 days cardio

    please link me to some cheap place where i can find supplements in kuwait


  7. Ahmed Says:

    P.S. find supplents store in kuwait which are cheaper
    online or stores….. RESULTS is really expensive and the only store i know of

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