Ramadan Weight Loss/Gain RESULTS Are IN!

Remember when I asked you guys how much weight you’ve lost and gained in Ramadan? If you don’t, visit this site check out the post here. If you do, more about here are the results:

Looks like we’ve got more losers than gainers! GREAT JOB GUYS!

On another note, site I’m sure many of you rewarded yourselves on the 1st day of EID. Then for some unknown reason, you’ve dragged the cheat fest to the 2nd day of EID (including me). On the 3rd day of EID, I cheated again. And then it went on until today.

Homemade breakfasts, homemade lunches, Cocoa Room, KFC, McDonald’s, Pinkberry (3 times), Cherriez Froyo, Shake Shack (twice), Pizzetta, Golden Chopsticks, my sister’s goowy Kinder Cookies and a truck load of chocolate. I went all out on this one without stepping into the gym.

Will Power

Mustering up will power is no problem. The reason I went crazy with the stuff I ate above is to spend some quality time with family and friends without worrying about my healthy lifestyle. I won’t deny that good food provides comfort, and taking a break once in a while won’t hurt.

What also tempted me to lose it is the ability to get back on track quickly. Through trial and error, I know exactly how long it takes to get back in shape:

  • Days 1-2: Water Weight-loss. Whatever water I’ve retained from cheating I immediately lose within 2 days.
  • Days 3-4: Muscle Fullness. Since all the water’s gone, I can easily see each muscle group.
  • Day 5-6: Vascularity. Veins start to emerge from excess dryness. Caved in cheeks with huge cheek bones.
  • Day 7: I’M BACK!

7 days? Yup- 1 week. It’s because I always keep my body fat percentage low, even when trying to gain lean muscle mass. Realistically, all I’m looking for is a 0.5kg increase every 1-3 weeks. If I see no gains on week 3, I slightly increase carbohydrates by 25 grams per day and continue.


I am truly proud of what we have accomplished in Ramadan. We’ve got one more day to enjoy before Sunday arrives, so ENJOY IT TO THE MAX! Don’t forget to get back on track on Sunday!

Note: Credit goes to Fatima Al Fahad, also known as TWAIF. The Ramadan Results post was her idea. THANK YOU!

9 Responses to “Ramadan Weight Loss/Gain RESULTS Are IN!”

  1. n Says:

    fahad what do u mean by water weight-loss ??

  2. Husain Says:

    Thank you for compiling this data.

    Would also be great if you could share the number of gainers/losers. You know what I mean – 5 people gaining 30 kg v/s 15 people gaining 30kg makes a whole lot of difference on the stats.

  3. Sal Says:

    Fahad, I have a quick question for you.

    Could it be possible that I’m not losing enough weight because my calorie intake is too low, especially that my level of activity is increasing? How can I figure out my optimum calorie intake to ensure continuous weight loss? This is so frustrating!

  4. Twaif Says:

    Thank youn Fahad!
    dear Hussain , u can check the original post to check the data :)

  5. O Says:

    So around 13% of the 30 are from my end!
    I’m sure I gained more cz I was traveling during Eid Break and now I’m afraid to hit the scale :)
    I feel like I’m a lump of fat!

    So tomorrow back to the diet and exercise mode.
    I need to loose at least 10Kgs if not more.
    I will keep updating u on my progress on a weekly basis if u don’t mind.

  6. Marzouq Says:

    Originally I didn’t read the post! Just the image! Then I thought how the hell could fahad gain 31 and then loose 121! He must be a twig now in need of food! LOL

    Mabrookeen on the great work!

  7. FAHAD Says:

    n: I mean water weight-loss from water that my body’s retaining.

  8. FAHAD Says:

    Sal: Yes it’s possible.

  9. FAHAD Says:

    Marzoug: Allah Ebarik ib 7ayatik :)

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