Q&A – 04/09/2011

Ramadan’s over. Eid’s over. Pig out time is DEFINITELY over. Do you know what time it is? I’m not being literal so stop looking at the time. It’s time to get serious. It’s time to start trying to be me again.

Core Fitness

If you don’t know this already, sildenafil I co-found, run and manage the FIRST (emphasis on FIRST) male-only Personal Training Performance Management Facility in Kuwait. It’s a tiny place equipped with free weights, machines and professional certified trainers that thrive on inducing pain and torture. We specialize in providing our clients with healthier lifestyles through training and customized meal plans.

Here’s a breakdown of our services:

  • 20 Minute High Intensity Fitness Training
  • 20 Minute High Intensity Fat Loss Training
  • 20 Minute High Intensity Muscle Building
  • 20 Minute High Intensity Endurance Training
  • 60 Minute Fitness Boxing & Kick Boxing
  • 60 Minute Customizable High Volume Training (Maintenance, Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Endurance. etc)
  • Lifestyle Consultancy for non-members (Core members are already provided with diet plans pertaining to their lifestyles)

Workout frequency is dependent on the client’s physical fitness experience. Workout days per week are:

  • 2 Days
  • 3 Days
  • 4 Days
  • 5 Days
  • 6 Days

Cycles (subscription duration) are 7 weeks long for all 20 Minute High Intensity Training workouts.

Subscription duration for our 60 minute workouts are session based.

Lifestyle Consultancy

Assuming our timings are full, services are too expensive, or Core Fitness is simply not your thing, we also provide a lifestyle consultancy which includes the following:

  • Physical Assessment (males only)
  • Goal Oriented Diet Plan
  • Goal Oriented Workout Plan

This service is available for both males and females. Our Lifestyle Consultancy office is currently under construction, so meetings will be set at the client’s time of convenience at The Baking Tray or anywhere the client prefers. I’d also like to add clients will be dealing strictly with me in regards to diet and workout plan. Assessments will be at the gym.

Core Fitness Work Hours

Saturdays to Thursdays (Close on Fridays) from 6 am to 10 am, then from 1 pm to 10 pm.


Core Fitness: 22520407. We start taking calls at 1 pm.

Lifestyle Consultancy: Email me at Fahad.AlYahya@core-kw.com


Bnaid Al Gar, Al Ta’meer Complex, next to Al-Safir International Hotel, Tower 2, Ground Floor.

Free Trials

We provide 1 week free trials to all clients. If you are not familiar with our workouts OR doubt our 20 minute technique then feel free to make use of this added service.


Core Fitness specializes in providing RESULTS. If a client abides by a Core Fitness prescribed meal plan and attends all workout sessions without seeing results, then we will be more than happy to provide the same membership for free until results are achieved.


Competition has finally arrived: Rush Gym and Club Fit. Are they better than Core? I don’t know. Are we the best? I absolutely have no idea. What I do know is that each provides a solution to those who seek healthier lifestyles.


Drop me a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help.


Lets start this week off with our monthly Q&A, viagra sale where you ask and I answer as per the instructions below:

  1. Ask me anything you want (preferably related to health and fitness), abortion
    but keep it short.
  2. I’ll answer as fast as humanely possible (which is pretty slow by my standards so be patient).
  3. It’s free, so kindly take advantage but not too much (i.e. don’t ask me to compose an entire lifestyle for you).
  4. Be as detailed as possible, provided your current lifestyle (goals, eating habits, physical activities, physical stats) and whatever problems you’re struggling with to reach your goal.

Have a great day!

113 Responses to “Q&A – 04/09/2011”

  1. Sal Says:


    1) I’m not losing weight as fast as I would like (avg 2 kg per month). I eat a 1200 calorie diet (I keep a food journal to make sure), walk 1 hour everyday speed 5.6km/h in addition to 3 days 45min resistance training, 4 days 45min cardio workout. What am I doing wrong??

    2) Having a weekly cheat meal screws up my weightloss; I have no idea why. The following week I don’t lose weight. Could it be sabotaging my efforts more than it’s helping?

  2. Sal Says:

    I forgot to mention my stats :D – female currently at 96 kg; was 120 kg; goal weight 65 kg

  3. Adam Says:

    Hi Fahad,
    2 questions , first is i need a good core routine Abs/Back, how many times should i do it a week ?

    Second off, on my last set in any workout, i use the lowest weight possible and rip off a 30+ reps. Now i did it for a change , but what’s the point of doin this exactly ? a superset?

  4. Khalid Says:

    Hi Fahad, vacationing in the states and want to know how much should I walk to burn good amounts of fat? Any preferred stretches for fat burning? I eat one cheat meal a week and occasionally snack on some nuts or snacks after meals. I weigh 67.5 kilos is that good?

  5. Khalid S Says:

    Hi Fahad. My goal is to lose fat and increase my lean mass

    1) If I don’t have time to do both cardio and weight lifting shall I go with cadio only or weight lifting only?

    2) Is it true that doing cardio will decrease your lean body mass?

    3) There are a lot of conflicting information in this field. I always get different answers to the same questions. how can I get reliable information?

  6. j.z.j Says:

    Hi Fahad,
    ** since my Personal Trainer will not be in Kuwait this month i’m trying to do a special schedule for myself i’ll start doing Cardio (45 min) & the next day Shamel weight lifting for 2 weeks , then i’ll focus more on each muscle bedon el shamel so what do u think?! it will be good enough after Ramadhan since i’ve stopped going to the gym for more than 2 weeks
    height 156cm weight 61- 63

  7. b Says:

    I have an injured knee from using the treadmill extensively. What do you recommend as exercise for wieght loss as an alternative to gym machines, especially for people with an injured knee like myself.

  8. Rob Says:

    Hey Fahad,

    I just got a couple of questions, both of which are related certain supplements.

    1) Do you think supplementing by diet with ON’s glycomaize is a good idea(post-wo)? At the moment I’m consuming 430gms of carbs from food alone.Eating that amount of carbs is turning out to be more tiring that doing deadlifts:P.

    2) Is it possible for me to buy supplements from bodybuilding.com? I’ve been wanting to buy gaspari’s amino max 8000 for some time now. ‘Results’ ran out of the product 6 months back!

    PS: ATM my supplement include ON’s hydrowhey, micronised creatine and optimen

  9. Rob Says:

    Oh, as far as my stats and goal goes :

    I’m 5’8 and weigh 69kgs(started off at 54 kilos 13 months back!). Waist size still just over 29 inches, so the bulk has been fairly clean.

    Goal : hit 80kgs before I start my cardio and cut down on carbs to drop to my target weight of 75kgs

  10. R Says:

    Hello! How effective is the sweat belt while working out to lose belly fat? Thanks

  11. Mee Says:

    Fahad what’s the best exercise for slimmer arms?

  12. FAHAD Says:

    Sal: let me see your diet plan before I make any assumptions or conclusions.

  13. NeedSumMuscle Says:

    1. My buttocks are a bit muscular, but they are narrow and not wide! They look like peanuts to me.. Is their a way to widen them with muscle?

    2. In ur legs post, why did u include free weight squatting in the “chicken legs leg workout” and not machine or barbell squatting? Isnt barbell squats more effective?

    Stats: male, 177cm, 68kg

  14. Sal Says:

    This is what my typical weekday looks like (a bit lengthy – sorry :) )

    Breakfast: 8 am (~300 calories)
    •1 cup KDD skim milk + 27g Natureland Nut Muesli + 24g Natureland Crunchy Fruit Muesli + 50 g raspberries or peaches
    (Note: milk can sometimes change to yogurt and the cereal can sometimes be Bran buds or Fiber 1 Original)

    Lunch: 11:30 am (~300 calories)
    •2 piece whole wheat toast (Kuwait Flour Mills) + 50g low fat labna or light feta cheese + 30g 95% fat free mortadella + 10g sliced olives + 1 tsp zaatar

    Snack: 2 pm (~200 calories)
    •2 cups air-popped popcorn + 20g raw almonds + 15g raisins
    (Note: This can sometimes change based on what I’m in the mood for)

    WORKOUT (4 to 6)

    Dinner: 7 pm (~300 calories)
    •4 oz chicken or beef (roasted) + 1 ½ cups cooked veggies (any of okra, green beans, peas&carrots, eggplants)
    (Note: I cook all my food and know how much oil and other stuff is in it)

    Snack: 8 or 9 pm (~100 calories)
    •(1 low fat icecream bar) OR (1 Marai skim yogurt + 100g mixed berries) OR (125mL KDD skim milk + 20g instant oats)

    Weekends I usually have a 2 whole egg with veggies omelet for brunch plus a 10 inch low carb tortilla; exclude one snack. Dinner and evening snack remain the same.

  15. n Says:

    fahad u r awesome my Q is ( i googled but still missing some stuff ) when u said water weight loss -> why does the body retain water and how do u know that ur body is retaing water and how do u lose that water ? wow too much questions :p thanks in advance

  16. mimi Says:

    Man ! everytime a question pops in my head i’m like “i’ll ask Fahad about that” and when it’s time for Q&A post i get brain washed ! (lucky you lol)

    Here’s what i still remember .. *breeeathe* :

    - If i want to get the best benifit out of milk (i don’t have my own cow so..) which type is the best ? fridge milk ? powder milk ? concentrated milk ? baby formula milk ? or any other type ?

    - I clean up my house every other day, can i take benifit of that and use it as a workout ? so once i’m done with my chores i’m done with my workout as well ? (you’re the creative mind not me :p maybe you can think of somehting)

    - Now this is a comment not a question .. i feel like it’s a been a long time since you posted something for ur sistas :D there’s a little bit too much steroids in your posts these day so it would be nice to read something for ze ladiez more often

    God bless you for everything you do bro .. you rock !

  17. Mark Says:

    Hey Fahad, I started on a bulking up routine with Dusty yesterday and we’re going to try this out for the next 2 months. Should I be adding anything to my current diet?

  18. OLD Friend Says:

    What was your sleeping schedule in Ramadan ? How did you manage to train before Futoor ? Did you sleep 8 hours a day ?

  19. FAHAD Says:

    1) Perform weighted hyper extensions on the days that you don’t perform abs. 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps. Perform abdomen work on the other days.
    Abdomen Routine:
    - Hanging Leg Raises
    - Rope Crunches
    - Bench Crunches
    Perform waist twists in between sets. Sets & reps depend on you performance.

    2) So you’re doing something but you don’t know why you’re doing it?

  20. FAHAD Says:

    Khalid: Your question’s too general and vague. What’s your physical fitness history?

  21. a7medo Says:

    i am 20 years old medical student. i am around 77-85kg usually depending on my dietary habits and around 183cm (after eid im at 85kg) … i eat usually 3 meals 2 of them oatmeal and 1 big protein meal in the middle a day and sometimes i snack (almonds)… i cant break my meals up more due to my schedule. i do kickboxing around 4-5 times a week which includes pushups and abs (swede and cardio mainly).. so the question is should i take protein instead of oatmeal for dinner for the days i go to the gym? i know i shouldnt replace it but i am looking to get back to 77kg now and cut the fat… i do a lot of studying after the gym so i guess the protein would be perfect for recovery and keeping me full.. what do you think should i go for non fat whey protein?

    thanks in advance btw your blog is the blog to read daily :D

  22. Ryan Says:

    Hello :D
    Your ramadan fat loss was great as it made me lose 7 kilos in 3 weeks, and of course I don’t want to stop here .. so after 5 days of cheating (supposed to be 2 :S), I started following your 1500 calorie diet for males.. So is this the best thing to do now or you have a better idea ?
    And what is the best time to exercise while being on this diet ?

  23. Fouzan Says:

    What do you think of a diet cycle that is like ” 3 days (low carb, high protien, moderate fat) followed by 1 day (high carb, high protien, low fat” for purly fat loss and enhancing muscle definitions ?
    btw im only looking for fat loss not weight loss (so i dont want to lose muscle).

    THANKS. =]

  24. A Says:

    Hello fahad,

    is it true the stairmaster bulks up the thighs & legs? i’m only looking to tone my buttocks :S

  25. amal Says:

    Fahad, I LOVE your blog! It’s so informative and fun..

    OK my problem is as follows:
    My height is 148 cms
    I used to weigh 56 kg and managed to bring it down to 51.5 kg. I did that by working out (jogging, cardio & abs – more than 3 hours a week) + diet. I tried both the 1000 calorie diet and atkins.
    I want to go down to 49 but struggling to do so. My dietitian says I’m not normal :p
    I have an office job and spend around 9 hours on average in the office – lunch outside and dinner at home. I have fruits for breakfast.

    (too much info?)

    Any tips on how to lose weight from here?

    Also the golden question is – if I reach 49 kg, how do I maintain that?

    Thanks so much.

  26. Al Zaabi Says:

    Regarding ur back workout post,
    Is it possible to replace the “close grip t bar bent over rows” with sa7b bi6an ar’6y? Since its the same grip and movement (i think)..


  27. 3ateeja Says:

    which one is more healthy and low in calories ,frozen yogurt or ice-cream ?

  28. X Says:

    Whats the best weekly work out routine for bulking up?
    and how many work outs max should i train for each muscle a day ?

  29. Confucius Says:


  30. Adam Says:

    Hi Fahad ,
    Thanks for the reply! i know for a fact that when i decrease the weight , i can focus on proper workout posture while performing the set! except im increasing the reps. I can feel it on the last set!

  31. naz Says:

    Fahad, I really enjoyed your “Fast & Effective Workout Tips” posts and find them extremely beneficial. Are you going to post a workout for biceps and shoulders?

    Also, could you please post some quick+simply+healthy recipes? I’d really appreciate that!

    Looking forward to your reply.

  32. MT Says:

    Hi Fahad, I’m looking for an effective and convenient way to introduce exercise into my routine. I’m thinking to buy an exercise bike because I don’t have time to exercise outside my house. (height 152 – weight 53)
    But I’ve heard that using it would be harmful for the knees. Is that true?
    How can I find a good exercise bike? And what features to look for?
    How often should I use it to achieve my goal weight 46Kg?

  33. bo-3li Says:

    How do you calculate your daily caloric needs?

  34. Sarah Says:

    Hey Fahad,
    You mentioned a couple of time that you drink up to 6 liters a day (mashallah) but I was just wondering is that good for you? i have heard a couple of times that it’s not good to drink a lot of water because it can cause water intoxication? And that athletes tend to over hydrate because they exercise a lot. So did you ever face any problems from drinking this much water? Is there such a thing as “drinking too much water”?

  35. Bu8azi Says:

    Hello fahad, long time reader first time asker :P

    I’ve constructed my own carb cycling diet
    which is

    3 days 2800 cal ( 300g protein 175g carb 90g fat )
    1 day 3500 cal( 175g protein 440 carb 115 fat)

    that gives me around 4500 weekly deficit ~.5kg per week

    ANyyyhoooo question is my med student friend was horrified looking at my diet saying 300g of protein would ruin my kidneys liver. is that true ? fyi I drink around a gallon of water daily.

  36. Khalid Says:

    Sorry, I excersise about an hour and a half a day. 45-50 mins treadmill and weight training for half an hour. I just came off an extreme weight loss diet. Most of my excersise consists of cardio like jogging and biking.

  37. Syed Says:

    Hi Fahad,

    If there is no nocturnal emission for the past 2 months then it means there is some problem? not sexually active male, not married, no hanky panky, no spanking little monkey.
    I heard that semen builds up on daily basis, so it kinda stopped?

  38. Abmaster Says:

    Hi Fahad! Firstly fantastic website! I tried your ramadan diet and managed to loose weight! My question involves fresh / processed cheese and lunch meats. I enjoy both in sandwiches or as snacks, but Id love to hear from you which are key meats and cheese to stay away from, and which are ok and healthy to eat (if any). I often go to Sultan or Carefour and stuck for choice

    Many thanks and keep up the great website!

    Ps i do love when you test out local products and come back with your recommendation (Laban for Ramadan went down a treat!)

  39. Husain Says:

    About 2 months back you suggested me to supplement with 3mg of Melatonin as I was having problem falling asleep at night. Since then I have been observing that the Melatonin supplementation is not helping me much (as you mentioned “It would knock you off in an hour”). Is it ok to increase the dose to 6mg (2 tabs)?

  40. Mazen Says:

    Hi Fahad,

    I am being paranoid from the danger of overdosing protein intake. I am at 95 kilos, i workout 3 times a week for 2 hours lifting and running. I am packing decent amount of muscles but im still high in body fat (around %18).

    All i eat is fish and veggies for both my lunch and dinner. I eat yogurt sometimes and drink protein shakes, around 3 scoops of whey protein a day.

    My question is, are 3 scoops of whey protein(i use skimmed milk with it or yogurt) per day can damage my kidney in the long run? If i’m not mistaken, a scoop of whey protein contains around 25 grams of proteins for a total of 75 grams + 2 eggs in the morning + fish fillet for dinner and lunch. Is that too much proteins for my body? is there anything that i should worry about?

    Thanks a lot!

  41. essa k alessa Says:

    8pm Workout leaves me with insomnia when done… and when i fall asleep its only for a few hours then im up and cant go back to sleep… i thought working out my self to sleep is perfect,, any recommendations.

    yeah supplements i take at 7 pm Ephidra 40 mg and Amino charge by O N.

  42. mm hmm Says:

    Hi Fahad, was just wondering what you think the nutritional breakdown should be for someone trying to loose weight (40 pounds). i.e. what is the range of fat grams, carb grams, protein grams in a day?

  43. Sulaiman Says:

    As-Salaam ‘alaikum. Is Acai sold in Kuwait? Thanks.

  44. FAHAD Says:

    Khalid S:
    1) A routine that’ll include both in short durations. Keep the intensity high. Short & sweet buddy.
    2) No. Cardio will minimize muscle growth if you perform it immediately post workout. Cardio decreases muscle mass if you’re not supporting muscle by eating the right nutrients.
    3) Ditch anything that sounds like bro-logic. Rely on science, which is why I always post research studies to prove whatever I’m saying.

  45. FAHAD Says:

    j.z.j: My apologies, but are you male or female? :)

  46. FAHAD Says:

    b: I see a lot of people “stomping” instead of “treading”. Stomping will blow out your knees. Treading won’t. Nevertheless, minimize the pain by opting for the elliptical cross trainer.

  47. FAHAD Says:

    1) I don’t know how tall are you or how much you weight, but 430 grams of carbs per day is way too much for anyone. Supplementing with extra carbs (glycomaize) is overkill.
    2) Yes bodybuilding.com ship to Kuwait, but you’ll have to go through the customs and Ministry of Health (Kuwait’s FDA) hassle. You’re better off buying powdered BCAA’s.
    3) ON’s Hydrowhey is a waste of money. Invest in 100% Whey Protein. Hydrowhey was never proven to be superior. I have a study (which I posted a long time back) that proves Whey Protein Concentrate (cheapest whey protein) is a lot more anabolic that Hydrowhey.

  48. FAHAD Says:

    Rob: My bad, I just saw your other comment. How much protein & fat are you taking in/

  49. FAHAD Says:

    R: Very effective. Sauna belts or shorts are great at localized fat reduction.

  50. FAHAD Says:

    1) 60% Diet Plan
    2) 30% Cardio
    3) 10% Arm Routine

    Have you accomplished the first two?

  51. FAHAD Says:

    1) Lunges provide that ass pop you want.
    2) Free-weight means barbell squats. Barbells are not machines. They are considered free-weights. I think you have it confused with body-weight squatting.

  52. FAHAD Says:

    Sal: All I see are carbs, carbs and more carbs. You’re literally shutting down your fat-burning capabilities early in the day.
    My changes:

    8 am – Breakfast
    2 egg veggie omelet plus 1 low-carb tortilla.
    1 teabag White Tea

    12:30 am – Snack
    1 container of nonfat yogurt + 1/4-cup Fiber 1 Original + 2 teaspoons of Natureland Raw Honey + 7 Raw Walnuts

    3:00 pm: White Tea

    4:00 – 6:00 pm: WORKOUT

    7:00 pm – Dinner:
    4 oz chicken breast OR 4 oz grilled fish (no beef)
    1-cup cooked veggies
    1/2-cup Basmati White or Brown Rice
    Use only vinegar & lemon

    11:30 pm – Snack
    1 Low-fat Ice Cream Bar OR Small plain frozen yogurt with Blackberries, Blueberries & or Raspberries.

  53. Husain Says:

    Are you serious about Sauna Belts? I have heard exactly opposite about them (they don’t work at all, it is just a waste of time/money etc).

  54. FAHAD Says:

    n: Thank you!
    When you cheat or eat too many carbs your body starts to store water under you skin. In order to get rid of it you’ll need to decrease carbs a bit, drink a lot of water and eat high potassium foods.

  55. FAHAD Says:

    mimi: Always glad to answer your questions :)
    1) Fresh unpasteurized unhomogenized milk- i.e. RAW MILK.
    2) Do you feel exhausted after words? If yes, then it’s a workout :)
    3) I post based on what I see going on in our society. I see a trend with females, which I’ll surely post about soon :)

  56. FAHAD Says:

    OLD Friend: 8-9 hours. 1/2 at night and 1/2 in the afternoon.

  57. FAHAD Says:

    a7medo: Thanks for your inspiring words :)
    I think you need to add a protein source at every meal or snack. Whey protein is not needed if you can fulfill that.
    I don’t suggest you eat oatmeal alone. Keep all meals balanced: protein, fats and carbs.
    I’m not sure if I answered your question, but feel free to ask more.
    Better yet, show me your diet plan (timings and details).

  58. FAHAD Says:

    Ryan: Awesome news bro!! I’m so happy for you ;)
    You may workout 2-3 hours after any meal or snack. Workout time depends on when YOU can workout.

  59. FAHAD Says:

    Fouzan: I think it’s a great plan. Feel free to show me a sample of both low & high carb days.

  60. FAHAD Says:

    A: If you’re eating for fat loss, no. If you’re pigging out, yes.

  61. FAHAD Says:

    amal: THANK YOU!
    OVERKILL! I don’t suggest you go below 50kg.
    Maintain your weight by eating whatever you want but keeping calories under control.

  62. FAHAD Says:

    Al Zaabi: Machine or cable row?

  63. FAHAD Says:

    3ateeja: if you’re comparing frozen yogurt (which is fat free) with nonfat ice cream, then both are the same.

  64. FAHAD Says:

    X: Diet plan for MASS first, then inquire about hitting the weights :)

  65. FAHAD Says:

    Confucius: Samboosa what?

  66. FAHAD Says:

    naz: I posted a triceps workout, but haven’t posted biceps yet. I’ve posted healthy recipes, but stopped due to my hectic routine (no time to cook).

  67. FAHAD Says:

    MT: A stationary bike will definitely do, but a treadmill is far more effective. Check out GO SPORTS. They’ve got a good selection for in-house machines.

  68. FAHAD Says:

    bo-3li: Simplest & most basic method-
    Lean body mass in pounds x 10 & less (fat loss) OR 12 (maintenance) OR 15 & over (from weight gain).

  69. FAHAD Says:

    Sarah: There is such a thing as water toxicity. The amount I drink directly correlates with:
    1) Kuwait’s hot climate.
    2) Intense level of activity.
    3) Calorie intake.

    I have never suffered from water toxicity el7amdilah.

  70. FAHAD Says:

    Bu8azi: I agree with your friends. I barely go above 250 grams of protein per day.

    Height & weight?
    With carb cycling, protein stays the same by the way.
    High carb days: High carb, low fat.
    Low carb days: low carb, high fat.

    Keep in mind that carbs are protein sparing, which means the higher carb intake, the lower protein you’ll need to build & protect muscle.

  71. Sal Says:

    Fahad, thanks for your advice and changes to my plan! I knew I was doing something wrong!

    Just a quickie…is it safe to eat eggs everyday? No worries about cholesterol and all that stuff? And is there an alternative to eggs in case I want some change to my daily breakfast?


  72. FAHAD Says:

    Syed: if you don’t use it you won’t lose it.

  73. Syed Says:

    Alhamdulillah :-)

  74. FAHAD Says:

    Sal: anytime :)
    Eat eggs everyday. Do not opt for anything else. Your LDL cholesterol levels will be perfectly fine :)

  75. FAHAD Says:

    Husain: yes I’m serious. Applying heat to a specific area activites more fat cell oxidation. Sauna belts/shorts exercise will produce this effect.

  76. FAHAD Says:

    Husain: increase the dose to 6mg.

  77. Rob Says:

    I take in about 210-220 grams of protein a day and around 55g of fat. So, total calories add up to just over 3000. I have actually thinking of substituting some carbs from food for carbs from glycomaize.
    But nevermind about that, health planet does not have glycomaize. I will stick to food sources itself I guess. But yeah, do you think that amount of carbs is an overkill?

    Also while I’m at it, could you let me know if I should cut down on carbs during rest days while bulking(a little like carb cycling I guess)?..

    Lastly, any substitutes for aminomax that you’d recommend?

    Sorry about the long post


  78. Farah Says:

    Hi Fahad, I just started your 1000 calorie fat loss diet for women today. I am looking to lose 4-6 kilos, and since I don’t work out, I thought this would help me achieve that. I have 3 questions.
    1. Is it ok to subsitute the poultry/shrimp with either fish or nakhi? I am not vegetarian, so if you say no it’s not a problem. I saw the link you posted ages ago (I think to danderma?) for a few nice low fat nakhi/eggplant/white cheese recipes or a grilled mushroom and they both seemed nice.
    2. for the grilled chicken/shrimp, is it ok to use any olive oil? I don’t butter or oil for the eggs, as I have them boiled. And if I am out, is it ok to have shish taouk or grilled shrimp at restaurants?
    3. If I am not working out (going to the gym), is it still beneficial to do any sort of toning exercises at home or will it not make a difference?
    Thank you so much for your help and time you put in for your blog.. Allah y3ateek el3afiya.

  79. Sal Says:

    Fahad, on the changes you made to my plan, can I have a weekly cheat meal? I attempted doing that on my previous plan and realized that having a cheat meal caused major water retention and bloating for a few days, plus hindering the following week’s weight loss! And I swear it was only one cheat meal, nothing that went on for days :P

    You’re awesome!

  80. Al Zaabi Says:

    I think its cable row, here’s a picture of it http://gymtrainingathome.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/seatedrows11.jpg

  81. a7medo Says:

    Hey fahad,
    sorry for taking too much time with the questions i really appreciate it, your the man :P

    i wake up 6:30am- wake up outmeal breakfast- or allbran cornflakes

    11am- coffee or green tea

    2pm- finish dawam. eat a protein meal (lean steak, chicken breat, or whole chicken skinless offcourse or subway or veggies with meat, subway)

    6pm- wake up from my nap and go to the gym (sidekick 5 times a week) till 9

    10pm- all bran cornflakes or oatmeal or sometimes eggs and turkey in the microwave when im extra tired

    10pm-3am- sipping on green tea and almonds and studying

    its hard to change my schedule when it comes to waking up and sleeping… and getting protein as in food or making it is kinda hard for me since time is very tight… my goal is to get cut like a swimmers body is that possible what should i do? should i whey or is my diet good enough? i wanna cut any advice? should i replace the whey with the carbs?

    my stats are 183cm 77-85kg

    thanks a ton in advance sorry for the army of questions…

  82. Swaira Says:

    Hey fahad,
    i’ve been on this diet plan for about a month now & hvent seen major results like i’ve seen b4
    may u give me any alterations/suggestions to my plan?

    Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs without the yolks
    2 slices of non fat cheese

    *Green tea between meals

    lunch: grilled chicken breasts/beef(steak)/fish
    HUGE green salad with lemon/vinegar/evoo

    Dinner: 2 slices of turkey or smoked salmon/or martadella

    Thanks in advance !

    (Oh is it possible to reach 55 ? Just wondering)
    height: 160
    current weight: 74

  83. Ammar Says:

    Hi dude
    Have u ever heard of “P90X” or “Insanity” ?

  84. J.z.j Says:

    Hey Fahad, finally u r free to answer hehe ;p ya36eek el3afya

    Im a Male, 24yrs old and yeah am that short :( lol
    Bs to correct my weight it’s between 58-60kgs height 156cm

    ** One more question, i’m having my lunch bel dawam, (usually sandwiches with brown bread)
    2 snacks at 11am and 7pm either 1 banana or 1 fruit yogurt – breakfast nestle fitness with nescafe and activia fruit yogurt – dinner either 1 sandiwche or salad with fruitd ,, is it good with my training schedule at least for this month only

  85. Ryan Says:

    It’s all thanks to you, your blog is somehow so encouraging.
    Anyway, when school starts there will be 8-9 hours between breakfast and lunch, so how can I add a snack between them with maintaining 1400 calories a day ?
    All meals I have are the same meals you’ve written in the 1500 calorie fat loss diet for men.
    Thanks again :D

  86. FAHAD Says:

    Abmaster: Thanks bro! Appreciate your kind words :)
    I suggest you minimize “processed-anything” when it comes to dieting. Nevertheless, if you choose the right ones you’ll be OK.
    Here’s what I recommend:
    1) Al Khazan 90% Fat-free Turkey Breast (all co-ops)
    2) Al Mawashi Light Roast Beef (all co-ops)
    3) Lifetime Naturals Low-fat or Fat-free Cheese (they’ve got a huge variety- cheddar, mozzarella, swiss, monetary jack) (Lulu Hypermarket)

    I suggest you pre-soak your cold cuts in water, then wrap them in a plastic sandwich bag and chill until use.

  87. FAHAD Says:

    Mazen: protein from whey will not damage anything. TOTAL protein intake from whey plus food will in very high amounts.
    Your optimal protein intake per day based on your lean body mass is 160 grams. Your current protein intake is roughly 120 grams, so you’re good to go.
    If you’re worried about kidney damage, increase water intake (minimum of 3 liters per day) and fiber intake.

  88. Abmaster Says:

    Thanks Fahad for taking time to get back to me! Keep up the good work! You should totally release a diet book!

  89. FAHAD Says:

    essa k alessa: The insomnia is from your pre-workout stimulant cocktail. Ephedra plus the caffeine in Amino Charge at 7pm will kill sleep.

  90. FAHAD Says:

    mm hmm: I need more information :)

  91. FAHAD Says:

    Sulaiman: Wa3alaikum el Salam! Fresh Acai fruit? I haven’t seen any yet.

  92. mm hmm Says:

    What info do you need? I am a female currently weigh around 90 kilos. Eating habits are I basically try to eat healthy and am always trying one diet or the other..

    Anything else?

  93. FAHAD Says:

    Rob: If you’re lean, keep your carbs at 400-450. Protein intake should be half of that (200-225) and fat intake’s perfectly fine (but make sure you get all your fats from healthy sources). Adding more carbs would be overkill.
    I suggest you ditch the Aminomax.
    No worries about the long post :)

  94. mm hmm Says:

    Oh also i’m about 5feet9inches. My workout habits are always on and off. I’m usually all in or all out.. The (nasty) pattern i’ve gotten into is that I get in a good groove, travel, then loose it when i’m back…

  95. FAHAD Says:

    1) Nakhi is not a complete protein source, which is why I told Danderma to add feta cheese. You may use her recipe instead of the one I posted. Any other fish is perfectly fine.
    2) Use 1 tsp of olive oil only. You may have shish taouk or gilled shrimp at restaurants.
    3) Walking and jogging is all you need to achieve 4-6 kgs of fat-loss.

  96. FAHAD Says:

    Sal: DEFINITELY! Weekly cheat meals are a NECESSITY! Water retention & bloat is normal, as long as you don’t stall progress :)

  97. FAHAD Says:

    Al Zaabi: This doesn’t replace the bent-over barbell row. Opt for the T-BAR Row Machine, the one where your chest is laying on the pad.

  98. FAHAD Says:

    a7medo: This is what I suggest. Give me your feedback

    6:00 am – 500ml of Water

    6:30 am – 3 whole eggs + 1/2-cup of All-Bran Plus w/ 1-cup of nonfat Milk

    7:00 – 7:30 am – 1 teabag of White Tea

    11:00 am – 1 scoop of Whey Protein plus plain black coffee (mixed with water)

    3:00 pm – Lunch
    Ditch Subway.
    8oz of grilled chicken breasts or grilled fish
    1-cup of white rice
    Salad (vinegar & lemon)
    Feel free to use yellow mustard and/or 3 tbsps of Ketchup

    3:30 pm – 1 teabag of White Tea

    5:30 pm – 1 scoop of Whey Protein plus black coffee (mixed with water)

    6:00 pm – WORKOUT

    10 pm – Dinner
    1/2-cup All-Bran plus with nonfat milk
    3 whole eggs

  99. FAHAD Says:


    2 boiled eggs with yolks, veggies & 1 container of nonfat yogurt

    1 hour later: White Tea

    4-5 hours after Breakfast:
    Grilled chicken or Fish (no red meat)
    Large salad w/ vinegar, lemon and 1 tbsp EVOO

    4-5 hours later: Snack
    1 small plain froyo w/ Blackberries, Blueberries & Raspberries w/ White Tea

    4-5 hours Later:
    2 slices of Turkey or Smoked Salmon (no mortadella)
    2 slices of nonfat cheese
    Lettuce & other veggies

  100. FAHAD Says:

    Ammar: Hey! Both are great.

  101. Swaira Says:

    Allah ygaweek o y36eek alf 3afya :D

  102. Tumtum Says:

    Hi Fahad,

    i am a 21 year old female, i weight 49kg and 175cm . sometimes i forget to eat or dont feel like eating. i want to gain weigh (5kg) . i once gained weight 8kg in a week but i lost them due to stress and i eat when im happy.. i usually eat two meals a day usually for lunch marag and rice and for dinner a sandwich… i can go without eating anything except chocolate.. i tried brewer yeast for 2 weeks to improve the appetite but it only improved my bowel habits . ive done several tests and everything is normal. i want to gain weight… help plz. i only drink 2 cups of water a day. i never exercise… :D grateful thanks… great blog

  103. Farah Says:

    Hi Fahad,
    Sorry for more questions, but I would really appreciate it if you could help. I really trust your recommendations based on your knowledge.
    After attaining my target weight, what kind of diet do you recommend? Do you suggest a moderation/calorie control/ How many calories? My height is 155, target weight is 54-55kg, age is 33.
    Also, after attaining the target weight, how often do I drink the vinegar in water (2x daily, once, or few times a week). Thanks again so much.

  104. a7medo Says:

    Hey man,
    sorry im being a pain but i promise this is my last input :P would this work too because it is easier for me.. i know it might not be as good as yours but will it get me cut?

    6:00 am – 500ml of Water

    6:30 am – 3 whole eggs + cup of skim milk

    7:00 – 7:30 am – 1 teabag of green Tea

    11:00 am – 1 scoop of Whey Protein plus plain black coffee (mixed with water)

    3:00 pm – Lunch
    Any protein source i can eat since i cant be too picky with my schedule
    Salad (vinegar & lemon)

    3:30 pm – 1 teabag of Green Tea

    5:30 pm – 1 scoop of Whey Protein plus black coffee (mixed with water)

    6:00 pm – WORKOUT

    10 pm – Dinner
    1-cup All-Bran plus with nonfat milk + handfull of almonds

    plus do you recommend i get a nonfat whey protein? like iso100? and should i take it only on the days i workout?

    thanks i promise no more questions.. your my hero dude thanks again

  105. Sakina Says:

    I am a working women aged 34 with an extremely hectic lifestyle. I am suffering from chronic fatigue and experience tremendous pain in my shoulders. Recently I got my “Bone density test” and “Thyroid function test” done”. My bones & thyroid are in good condition. I weigh
    59 kgs. I do my breathing exercise daily without fail. I drink 8 ounce-8 glasses of water every day and in between also do the water therapy where I drink 1.5 liters of water in the morning. I have a healthy diet (lots of fresh fruits & veggies).I sleep well for around 7 hrs per day. Yet I end up feeling exhausted 24-7. I also tried health supplements but it did not make any difference. Kindly provide me some basic food requirements that help overcome CHRONIC FATIGUE.
    I had mailed you earlier and am looking forward towards your response this time.

  106. Rob Says:

    Cheers Fahad..you’re a star!

  107. Anonymous89 Says:

    Salam Fahad!
    What multivitamin supplement do you suggest for:
    - a female in her early 20′s (considering we need a higher dose of iron)
    - a supplement that contains everything I need, i.e. I only need to rely on that one single pill.


  108. Rachel Says:

    Hey Fahad,
    I have been for Q&A post. I need your help seriously!
    I have most of my fat around my belly. I weight 78kgs right now and really want to be around 65 kg by december by mostly getting rid of belly fat. I am currently working partime and am in the final year of my bachelors degree in the US. My life is very hectic and would love some quick recipe diet. I read danderma’s blog and would like to add her salads to my diet for lunch or dinner. I love breakfasts especially eggs and love drinking fruit smoothies. For lunch, I usually grab something through drive either japanese, chinese or mexican but I can cut it out and have something else. I can commit to working one hour for a maximum for 4-5 days per week. Please help me with my belly fat.

  109. AR Says:

    Hi Fahad,

    It seems very obvious but many people do not calculate protein from carb sources(oats, brown bread/rice) towards their daily intake target. Since they take into account the calories, they should surely take into account the protein intake, rite?

    I get around 95g of protein from my carb intake(which is around 460g). Since my target intake is 200g of protein, should I only consume 105g from chicken, fish, whey etc?


  110. Husain Says:


    My son is hyper-active and has been getting complaints from school. He cannot sit at one place for more than a few minutes and he is not at all a team player. He wants everyone to listen to him. If someone does not listen to what he says, then he would beat that person.

    We have already consulted two behavior therapist and didn’t reach any conclusions.

    Someone suggested me that there are special diets that help reduce this kind of behavior. Please advice if you have any suggestions as it is getting critical.

  111. Syed Says:

    Hi Fahad,

    I need to know your wisdom in suggesting drinking room temperature water after waking up instead of warm water?

  112. Farooq Says:

    Brother Fahad,

    I wanted ask you regarding cognitive enhancement drugs. Whether to use it or not or if to use, then what and how….


  113. Farooq Says:

    *wanted to

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