Pre-Diet Cleansing

Last night I ate a super crispy turkey bacon peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich. It was awesome. Now lets get on with the post.

Pre-Diet Cleansing

Most health and fitness pursuers fail the first week upon implementation of a healthy lifestyle. They either give up too early or cheat for a tiny bit. Dumping your new lifestyle too early is not my current topic’s concern, price but those who pursue while cheating with a little bite here and there are.

Cleansing Phase

The first two weeks of dieting are very rough, approved mostly because you’re going through a state of withdrawal which is achieved by:

- Eating the same dull foods every single day.
- Eliminating processed food items that include addictive components used by the food industry to lure consumers in, visit web such as refined sugar and excessive sodium.
- Eliminating foods that cause allergies such as wheat, milk and nuts.
- Eliminating foods that are harsh on the digestive system such as red meat and poultry.
- Eliminating unnatural tastes, such as processed condiments and oils.


Not really. Think of cleansing as processed food dependency withdrawal. Yes people, it exists and I’ve seen it so many times. Clients calling me up within 2 days of strict dieting, aching to add a bit of mayo, a few cookies, some bread or a little milk. Symptoms of processed food dependency withdrawal include:

  • Excessive hunger
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Weight-loss (specifically water and fat)
  • Dehydration
  • Light headedness
  • Low blood sugar
  • Low blood pressure
  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive urination
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion

The above symptoms might sound dangerous, but they’re not. Once you go cold turkey, your body tries to balance itself out. The above symptoms won’t last long. They’ll improve by week two, introducing another set of symptoms:

  • Clear mind
  • Alertness
  • Faster thinking process
  • Muscle definition / tone
  • Low body fat
  • Balanced blood sugar / pressure
  • Increased appetite, but will reach fullness faster after eating
  • Faster digestion
  • Optimal regularity
  • Moderate energy (not too low, but not too high either)

14 Days Later

Once your 2 weeks are up, you’ll be surprised at how disciplined you are when it comes to controlling food. The 14th day marks as the first cheat day or meal. Unfortunately, this cheat day or meal will be the worst cheat meal of your entire life.


You’ve been cleansing and dieting strictly for two weeks. Everything’s operating at an optimal rate. Your body will DESPISE delicious processed junk more than a cold water shower upon waking up on an early winter morning.

After that, you’ll be able to indulge in one cheat day or meal every 7 days. I promise you cheat meals will only get better.

I Needz Me Sum Cleansin’

This will be short and sweet, so listen up fellas:

  • No red meat or poultry, including fresh cuts.
  • No cold cuts or processed meats.
  • No dairy products, except for nonfat yogurt (I didn’t say frozen yogurt).
  • No nuts, except for Raw Almonds and Raw Walnuts.
  • No bread, including gluten-free.
  • No sugar.
  • No carbonated drinks.
  • No juice.
  • No condiments.
  • No salt (LoSalt and Sea Salt are OK).

Now for the list of things you should do:

  • Organic or Omega-3 Eggs are perfectly fine.
  • Fish is great.
  • Beans, legumes and pulses are great, except if you’re allergic.
  • Stevia is fine, but Sucralose (Splenda) is not. The former’s herbal, and the latter’s artificial.
  • All fruits are great, but stick to mostly berries, apples, kiwi-fruit, pineapples, papayas and grapefruit.
  • All vegetables are fine, including white potatoes and sweet potatoes.
  • White Basmati Rice is OK, but go organic. None of that microwavable stuff.
  • Spices are great.
  • Black, white and green tea are all fine. Go for herbal teas such as Sage, Thyme, Peppermint, Ginger and Clipper Organic Detox Tea.
  • Coffee is fine, but go organic. No 3-in-1 Nescafe stuff, or Starbucks Frappes.
  • Raw Honey is fine. Use it to sweeten anything that needs to be sweetened.
  • Stay as low fat as possible. Sources of fat should come from a tsp of REAL BUTTER, 2 tsps of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fish Oil, Walnuts and Almonds.


In order for your body to cleanse itself of toxins, you’ll need to give it ample time. As per the sub title above, you’ll need to “semi-fast”. Basically, every meal and/or snack should be spread 5 hours apart. It’ll give the food time to enter, digest and nutritionally partition. When that happens (within 1-2 hours), you’re left with 4-3 hours of nothing but an empty stomach that’s growling (also referred to as house-keeping) and an appetite larger than a Gorilla’s.

Holy Suckitude

Yes- it’s going to suck really really badly. I promise you the 5 hour wait will be the worst 5 hours of your life, and you’ll be thinking of nothing but food. Hanging around careless friends with non-healthy lifestyles will only make things worse. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Join a gym or go out for a walk.
  • Watch a movie.
  • Read a book.
  • Read my blog.
  • Have legal, marital sex (it’s good cardio).
  • Hang out with a friend who’s also cleansing and share the misery over a cup of Stevia-sweetened coffee or tea.
  • Smack your children around.
  • Go shopping.
  • Travel.
  • DRINK A LOT OF WATER. This will prove to be the most useful since it’s the only one proven to kick your appetite’s ass.

The sooner you get your mind off the hunger the better.

And That’s All Folks

Long posts are boring, so I’ll have to wrap this up. Feel free to ask me any questions.

21 Responses to “Pre-Diet Cleansing”

  1. Farah Says:

    Hi Fahad,
    Is it possible to give ideas of bf, lunch, dinner for a female who would like to try this? Is it like a modified version of your 1000 calorie diet? I really feel I need to detox before trying to lose weight, in order to be healthy, and then worry about losing a few kilos. Would this help with trying to just cleanse your body of junk, in order to start a moderate eating plan? (my idea of moderate is eating grilled chicken/fish, healthy salads, fruits, yogurt, etc and not feeling bad about having a piece of chocolate during the day).

  2. Wth Says:

    hey Fahad, Started detox this mornin :( and failed BADLY just a few hours ago, *passed by McDonalds* FML *was so damn hungryyyyyyyyy*

    Question : whats the difference between acetyl L-carnitine & carnitine ?
    Cuz i used to take carnitine then switched to Acetyl L-carnitine

  3. Ahmed Says:

    good info. the thing is am eating so healthy now for nearly 6 weeks that i don’t look forward to cheat meals, not only that but when i have my once a week cheat meal it upsets my stomach and i feel i just ate something really oily and fatty :) and when i eat a dessert i feel like it contains 999999 spoons of sugar.

  4. N19 Says:

    Do you do the cleansing even if you’re going to work out? If so, what do you suggest as a post-workout meal?

  5. Sakina Says:


    I am a working women aged 34 with an extremely hectic lifestyle. I am suffering from chronic fatigue and experience tremendous pain in my shoulders. Recently I got my “Bone density test” and “Thyroid function test” done”. My bones & thyroid are in good condition. I weigh
    59 kgs. I do my breathing exercise daily without fail. I drink 8 ounce-8 glasses of water every day and in between also do the water therapy where I drink 1.5 liters of water in the morning. I have a healthy diet (lots of fresh fruits & veggies).I sleep well for around 7 hrs per day. Yet I end up feeling exhausted 24-7. I also tried health supplements but it did not make any difference. Kindly provide me some basic food requirements that help overcome CHRONIC FATIGUE.

    I had posted a similar comment earlier and am looking forward towards your response this time.

  6. Ahmed Says:

    Sakina, i had a very similar issue once i started running,going to the gym, and doing lots of more activities (swimming,football,walking..etc) 90% of that feeling vanished. everything i do now is just easier specially the little stuff like waking up from bed,going to work,feeling better in the morning,i can go up and down stairs at home and work all day.

  7. Yours Truly Says:

    Would this detox program help kick start back weight loss when it plateaus during a diet? Im thinking of doing it for that purpose.

  8. Bo-Ya3gooob Says:

    Fahad, great post as usual… Regarding your previous posts about the 1000 calorie diet for females and the tight and tone workout plan also for females, i have a couple of questions… My mother wants to start dieting and working out so i propesed ur diet and workout plan… After explaining to her both posts the questions she had were:
    1) There is no beef and fish in the diet plan, can she eat them or just stay with the turkey, chicken and shrimp..?
    2) Where can we find Florida Naturals..?
    3) The large bowl of salad for lunch, should she stick to the vegetables you have listed or can she also add celary and broccoli..?
    4) What do you mean by Turkey breasts..? Is it the same as the turkey slices they sell by KG in the co ops..?
    5) For the workout plan, you said she should increase the weights if she achieves 15 reps, do you mean if 15 reps are achieved in all 3 sets of the exercise or only on 1 set..?

    Thanks Fahad and sorry for these questions but would really appreciate ur reply… My mother is planning to start next week and im trying to make everything ready for her because she’s so pumped up and looking forward to it… If you need some stats please let me know..?

  9. Loufs Says:

    so.. urgh, no coffee frap from starbucks? I mean.. skimmed milk? No?

  10. Mohammad Says:

    Fahad, why no juice? I’m thinking of only drinking Florida’s Natural Ruby Red with the detox plan. Is that a no no? Plus, I couldn’t find a nonfat yogurt, will a low fat (2.0 g) yogurt work?
    Thank you

  11. Naishan Says:

    الرطب مسموح؟وكمية الاكل؟ و زن قطعة السمك؟

  12. Ahmed Says:

    Mohammad just go any co-op or sultan and you’ll find non-fat yogurt (Maraai – pink color)

  13. Kevin Says:

    Dear Fahad ,

    I’d like to share to share this with .

  14. Amani Says:

    This is really great.

    Q: Any suggestions for Pre-Diet Cleansing program?
    Cuz I plan to have Colon hydrotherapy after that in order to start my healthy life style for ever.

    Thanx again Fahad

  15. Majid Says:

    Hi Fahad,

    Just a question… on your mythbusters diet you said you drink lots of coffee, but what brand? every isle has supposedly “Organic whole-roast coffee” but are they trust worthy? what brand do you drink?

    Thank you,

  16. FAHAD Says:

    Majid: Clipper Organic Freeze Dried Coffee, sold at all co-ops and supermarkets.

  17. FAHAD Says:

    Mohammad: Because juice is fruit sugar without the fiber associated with eating the fruit. Moreover, one glass of juice has 3-4 squeezed fruits, which means more added calories that you don’t need.

  18. maioo81 Says:

    Hi fahad, ive followed your cleansing programe & lost 5Kg in 2wks. Im so happy with the results. I had difficlties commiting to diets recently, although this was the hardest of them all but i did it.It gets easier by the day, you subconcsciouly know the Do’s & Don’ts.Im ready now to proceed with other diets.I do feel energized, light, healthier and my mind is clear.staying away from fast food was a bless i know they cause depression.I feel great from the inside and outside. Thank You So Much Fahad.

  19. Dalal (@Um3azoz) Says:

    Hi Fahad,
    I followed your list of Do’s and Don’ts. I Lost a lot of weight in two weeks. It was hard and brutal! Pure torture! When I know I can’t have chocolates, but worth every effort. Thank you for inspiring me. I really appreciate it. Now I’m ready for a healthier diet and life style :)
    Here are all my posts about my diet :)

  20. meondiet Says:

    يعطيك الف عافيه

    وايد حابه ابتدي فيه بس عندي جم سؤال وﻻ عليك امر

    هل انواع الحبوب مسموحه غير العيش ؟ مثل الكينوا او البرغل او الشوفان او الشعير ؟

    الربيان مسموح ؟ وﻻ بس السمج؟

    سؤالي اﻻخير ..حسب علمي ان الغريك يوغرت اهو اللبنه فهل هالمعلومه صحيحه ؟ واقدر استخدمها ؟

    شكرا جزيلا

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    [...] [...]

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