Health & Fitness Inspiration by “Ma Vie…Ma Joie”

I absolutely LOVE IT when a reader gets inspired by one of my posts!

Click here for an extensive look at what Dalal (the inspired reader) did on her first Pre-Diet Cleansing Day.

She gave me an AWESOME idea on how to prep SUPER HEALTHY mashed sweet potatoes! I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this!


What you see above is Dalal’s lunch, visit this site which is composed of Spiced White Fish Fillet, story Mushrooms, sale Sweet Potatoes mashed with yogurt, garnished in herbs and paprika! YUM!

Can’t wait to try mashing sweet potatoes with nonfat Greek Yogurt!


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  1. Nawaf Says:

    You have no idea bro how happy I am about the sweet potatoes thing, cause it’s really getting boring eating it, i tried the chips and the baked and stir fry, but mashed never occurred to me, min umma bachir giving it a try.

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