Subway Basket Rant

READER’S NOTICE: This is not a health debate. Both options discussed below can be disastrous if consumed in excess and healthy if consumed in moderation.

Harees, seek Machboos, Yireesh, Tashreeb, Sambosa, Baryani and tons of Kuwaiti delicacies.


And if a friend brings a basket to a Ramadan dinner occasion (Ghabga), I’ll denounce our friendship and his existence.

Let me walk you through this disaster:


Friends chilling in a diwaniya, playing Kout Bu 6, probably talking about girls and enjoying a few games of Winning 11 on the Playstation.



You see this dude? I personally know him. Awesome guy. Anyways, he proceeds to tell them dinner is ready. Awesome acting Khalid. I just wished you picked a better commercial. I’d like to add that he said “dinner” and not “Ghabga”, which is a Ramadan occasion. Nevertheless, who would pass up delicious Kuwaiti food for a Subway Basket?


They gather infront of the table in amazement. I don’t blame them. LOOK AT ALL THAT FOOD!





Subway or that? You be the judge.


My second favorite part of the commercial. Dude in the middle reaches for not ONE, but TWO WHOLE MACHBOOS CHICKENS. Look at Khalid scooping that awesome green spaghetti. Good acting bro.


This is where poop hits the fan- launched at a light speed of a BILLION of whatever units used to measure light speed.


That’s the EXACT SECOND where poop splatters EVERYWHERE. He says “eat Subway Baskit and shut up.” Worst line in the UNIVERSE of TV commercial history.


Then this crap happens. They all stop eating…


..and reach for Subway….Oh my God how wrong this is in so many unexplainable ways.

I expressed my disconcern on Twitter, and a lot of followers agreed.










I’d like to clarify that we all have nothing against Subway, but comparing it to traditional Kuwaiti food THEN adding insult to injury by saying “all you can eat without guilt”?

Rant over. That is all.

P.S. I die a little everyday when that dude says “ekil Subway baskit wint sakit.”

29 Responses to “Subway Basket Rant”

  1. WhoSSayin Says:

    Tabban lah!! the “ekil went saket” dude!!! Excuse my MBC-2-tarjama swearing


  2. .R' Says:

    Subway proved that they have the worst marketing/advertising team ever. last year they had an ad that was a cartoon, but the lowest level of drawing/illustration was envolved. one word can describe the ad: HIDEOUS.

    Now they have this better produced ad but with the same nonsense. even worst i’m telling you. the sentence doesn’t even rhyme, for god’s sake!!

    P.S: yay me i made an apperance in a tryingtobefahad post :p my tweet was the last one :p

  3. Helal504 Says:

    Well said bro, Subway is good, tasty and healthy but that TV commercial screwed it big time, they could’ve come up with something more creative than just “ekil Subway basket went sakit.”

    The genius behind the famous cheesy line mentioned above must be punished by eating 100 Subway cookies in 5 minutes, if he couldn’t do it he must be bitten by 3 starved pitbulls!!

  4. azizborashed Says:

    LOL Great post

  5. Yoyodieter Says:

    My tweet isnt there :( .. Oh well

  6. Saud Says:

    Mayshofoon shar inshallah :p

  7. wut Says:

    I really love how Subway is always advertised as the “healthy” fast food choice. It’s true to some extent but if you really want to feel full, then Subway is just as bad as the rest. Remember, it’s all about calories in vs. calories out (IIFYM [If It Fits Your Macros]). So tell me, what’s the difference between eating a foot long sandwich with all of those rainbow-like sauces that people color their sandwiches with and a McChicken sandwich + fries? They’re roughly the same in terms of total calories. The only difference is the amount of trans fat and even that can be ignored if your total calories meets your maintenance or below. Also, for water-retention-phobic people, Subway is just as sodium infested as Mcdonald’s. I’d rather feast on white rice, skinless chicken breasts, broccoli and potatoes to meet my suhoor or futoor needs. /rant

  8. Mohammad Al Ahmad Says:

    LOOOOOL eee walla 9aaj shyaab el 3ashaa 7ag el ghabgaa o shyab subway 7ag el ghabgaaa ana agool Ekeel harees o t3wath menblees! I used to eat subway every single night in the past 4 years and I realized that everytime I got a food poisoning was caused by their “fresh vegies” allah ydeem eln3maa ashwany I stopped eating their “Fresh Food” haaaaaaah!

  9. FAHAD Says:

    Mohammad Al Ahmad: Their veggies and bread are fresh, but the cold cuts, chicken, fish and red meat are not.

  10. FAHAD Says:

    wut: I couldn’t have said it any better :) Thanks for your great input!

  11. FAHAD Says:

    Saud: Rasmi mayshoof shar :P

  12. FAHAD Says:

    Yoyodieter: I took a picture of all of them! Sorry I missed yours :S

  13. FAHAD Says:

    azizborashed: Thank you!

  14. Mark Says:

    The Benihana owners also own Subway in Kuwait so let me email you my lawyers contacts from now lol

  15. FAHAD Says:

    Helal504: LOL, but seriously- they shouldn’t be using false advertising like that. “All you can eat without the guilt”? Come on!

  16. FAHAD Says:

    .R’: LOL You RT’d like it’s HOT!

  17. FAHAD Says:

    WhoSSayin: Allah Esam7a :P I would’ve declined to say that quote!

  18. Danderma Says:

    Sensei, you missed the most important part of the commercial. El 6amma el kobra.

    Ekel Subway and lose weight! At the very end of that disastrous commercial that very wise saying appears.

    Y3ni shloon I lose weight eating subway? Kil 9amoona esh6oolha o atres.ha la7am o dyay o mayo o cheese… how is that going to help me lose weight exactly? Laish? Because its a sandwich? Because sandwiches are considered light meals and do not pose any threat to the waist line, as apposed to 3aish o maraq and machboos mathalan?

    That made me indignant… I tweeted about that

  19. Kuwaitiful Says:

    I couldn’t agree more, who in their right mind would ditch a machboos for a subway sandwich!

    I think I’ve studied with khalid back in highschool, he’s changed! remember him with glasses.

  20. Sj Al-Beloushi Says:

    Ahhh what a post LMAO. Cracked me up

  21. mimi Says:

    I THOUGHT THAT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO HATES THIS AD !! my blood pressure raises everytime that “ekel went saaket” dude talks

    i hate this ad !! but on the other hand i LOVE Quality net ad though :D especially the first part mal el 5adaama did you watch it Fahad ? :)

    “Saweeli be’9 o 6omaa6 .. 7e6eeli foga bo6aa6″
    “maqo .. maqo .. maqo maqo maqo baba”

    lol .. Love it

  22. FAHAD Says:

    Kuwaitiful: I met Khalid when he was a member at Core. He was thinner :p

  23. FAHAD Says:

    Danderma: Exactly! That’s called false advertising. I don’t think any Subway in the world uses that misleading slogan!

  24. FAHAD Says:

    mimi: lol Q-Net’s TV commercials are super funny! I also loved Champion Gym’s commercial :p

  25. Khalid Says:

    Subway are liars om their healthy lifestyle, I think they consider themselves healthy ever since they found out about Jared Fogle and his Subway diet. But yeah Fahad it’s true that you can eat anything you want and lose weight as long as you moderate?

  26. khaled i Says:

    Hahahaha fahad, thanks 7aji, touche’ I’m gonna apologize ahead, cuz apparently ra7 akoon ibwayhik for the next 21days lol inshallah I’ll be back at core soon with the amazing staff and workouts there! Amazing work with the blog bro imwafaig inshallah :D

  27. FAHAD Says:

    Khalid: Moderation is key :)

  28. FAHAD Says:

    khaled i: khosh harees Bu Waleed :p

  29. khaled i Says:

    7athreeen ;D

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