Ramadan Food Fiesta Part UGH!

Since you guys enjoyed our first Ramadan Food Fiesta, malady I decided to torture you a bit more and post a sequel.


Low Calorie Rice Pudding


SoloPN’s Award Winning Nutella Dough


Vividly Colored Kanafa


Homemade Qatayif


Vanilla Ice Cream Covered in Nutella and Flake


Kinder Cookies


More Kinder Cookies


This is how you get diabetes


This is how you end Futoor


Balanced yet delicious!


Really APPETIZING Shrimps!


Something you should not have at Futoor


A bag of deeply fried Cheese Sambosa’s


Kinder Cookies


The Diet Ninja Marble Slab Cheat Mix


I think this is Fatah, more about but I know I’m drooling


Another balanced and delicious meal


Qatayif Dough Wrapped in Cream topped with Pistachio


Healthy Fruit Salad


Some sort of cake that’ll skyrocket your taste buds to the MOON


More Gourmet-ish Shrimps


Traditional Machboos Diyay


Raise your hand if you don’t know what this is but you’ll eat it anyway *raises hand*


I don’t know what these are either, and I’ll gladly have them all


A client’s meal: Ostrich Fillet, Sweet Potato Chips, Green Lentils and a Salad


Espresso, Cocoa and Marshmallows


Sweet Gathering’s Plethora of Dessert Choices


Homemade Sab el Gafsha


Chicken Rolls


Killer Close Up of Chocolate Molten


Chicken and Rice Burritos


Baking Tray’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and Caesar Pizza

4 Responses to “Ramadan Food Fiesta Part UGH!”

  1. WhoSSayin Says:

    haha wanasa two of my pix made it your post :D (marble slab & the last pic)… I sure as hell know to each all thanks to u ;)

  2. WhoSSayin Says:

    to cheat** #fail :p

  3. +_O Says:

    kill me now.. everything looks delicious .. all the chocolatey stuff… those charley’s fries, the shrimp, aw lawd.. I’m hungry -_-

    p.s. sorry i didn’t rotate the cake pic before sending ;D

  4. Mimz Says:

    Two words 9ab elgafsha!!

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