Performance Enhancing Drugs

No- not protein powders, more about fat burners or amino acid pills. I’m talking about anabolic/androgenic steroids, information pills human growth hormone, clenbuterol, T3 and virtually any drug used to minimize the time needed to look bigger and leaner, run faster and longer, and simply provide you with enough oomph to do just about anything.


Go to any mall on a weekend and you’ll see more muscle than fat. Visit a few famous gyms, walk around the parking lot and you’ll see more syringes than cigarette butts. Sadly, Kuwait is saturated with PED (performance enhancing drugs) usage. It’s a sad thing because it’s mostly based on bro-knowledge, street knowledge and what I’d like to call “shoot today and worry about the side effects later” state of thinking.

Oh, and performance enhancing drugs are everywhere:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Olympians
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • American Football
  • Rugby
  • Cycling
  • Triathlon
  • MMA
  • Boxing

And the list goes on and on. Even those Muscle & Fitness models you see on the cover are using some sort of performance enhancing drug. Point is, if you look unnatural and play unnatural then you’re most likely using something unnatural.

Sprinters can outrun cars.

Cyclists can ride for hours without breaking a sweat.

MMA athletes can throw punches, kicks and grapples that can kill the average human.

Fitness models look way too perfect.

Bodybuilders. LOL.

You can’t really blame them. It’s called evening out the playing field. Technically, it’s not cheating if everyone’s doing it, but that’s not why I’m worried.

Our society’s abusing PED’s on a very large scale. PED’s in Kuwait are DIRT CHEAP and VERY ACCESSIBLE. It’s cheaper to buy a 2 month cycle of anabolic/androgenic steroids than to buy a 1 month supply of protein powder. A few years back, you had to go through a network of guys just to buy a bottle of amino acids. Now, PED dealers will approach you without actually knowing you.

Side Effects

Most of you will hate me for what I’m about to say, but anything that comes out of my mouth came out of a research study first. When used properly, provided you give yourself the ample time to rest in-between cycles, side effects are minimal. Usage also depends on age, experience and muscle maturity. Unfortunately, the ones abusing PED’s are the young inexperienced idiots who have little to no muscle maturity. They end up killing their natural supply of whatever hormone they injected, in the process of forcing a few organs or two to fail.

Think of PED’s this way: whatever fitness process you’re focusing on takes time because the body has to organize each and every function and mechanism. PED’s deliver the results faster because they FORCE the body to adapt, but the body never adapts as fast you want it too. All that organizing of mechanics and functions are half-assed once you rush or force the process. It’s like kicking a door open as opposed too unlocking the door, twisting the knob and pushing or pulling. The door’s hinges will shatter, and so do organs.

Pro or Con?

I’d rather keep that to myself to avoid any bullsh*t from my part. All I can say is that there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way for everything. What triggered me to write this post was the amount of WRONG that’s occurring around the health and fitness world around me.

Seriously, when was it OK to pull your pants down in a gym’s parking lot and ask a friend to hit you with a dose of testosterone? Oh yeah, this happened people- multiple times. As I was recently walking towards the gym, I turned and saw two guys injecting each other. One of them had the courtesy to say HI too. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only time it happened.

Another dude was throwing up at the gym almost everyday. His friend told me his kidney’s failing yet he still persists on completing his cycle. In addition, the majority of lifters go through a yearly yo-yo process that involves getting fat for 9 months, then joining a gym 3 months before the summer and end up looking like Mr. Olympia. After summer’s over, they’re back to obesity.

Next, we have this new yet rare trend of SEO’s (Site Enhancing Oils). There are multiple version of it, but this is more or less what it is: oil and a painkiller. All you have to do is pull that oil out in a syringe and inject it into a stubborn muscle. This is what you end up with.

Lastly, and this wins the prize for epic douchebaggery, was when I was approached by a guy who never lifted a weight in his entire life and started a HUGE professional steroid cycle that turned him into a freak within two weeks. He asked if peeing blood was OK.

Leave it to the uneducated Kuwaiti male population to turn a healthy endeavor into a death wish.

Precautionary Measures

I will admit that I am knowledgeable in this field. Blame curiosity or whatever you want to point your finger at, but I take the good with the bad. A few people I worked with tend to be discrete with their PED use, and I’d rather catch them in the act than look like an idiot in order to figure out what’s going on.

For those of you who have took the dive, take the time to research. I’m not promoting usage, but I am promoting SMART usage to those who have ALREADY TOOK THE DIVE to ensure that their health isn’t at risk. The majority of those who did (not all) used PED’s as shortcuts. Instead of taking the time to perfect nutrition and training, they’ve decided to turn to the dark side. From experience, I’ve noticed the majority of users started out without the slightest clue of what to eat or how to train.

If you’re that person, feel free to consult with me. I won’t judge nor will I be biased. I’m here the help the good and the bad. And by bad I mean stupid.

Did I just judge? Well, yes since you were stupid enough to take the dive as a short-term goal for Sharm Al Sheikh.

May Allah be with us.

17 Responses to “Performance Enhancing Drugs”

  1. Hadi Says:

    Great blog Fahad I actually enjoy reading your articles over I agree 100%! It is sad seeing uneducated kids abuse PED’s and disregarding the physiological side effects..Two thumbs up !!

  2. qabaq Says:

    yeah, i’ve seen what you described happen in the parking lot. I’ve seen a cue of guys waiting to pull their pants down in the parking. I have two points:

    1. do they know that ladies (most normal ones at least) actually hate the PED “i cant move my arms” muscular look!?

    2. so, are you saying if done right and controlled, PEDs are ok?

  3. Ahmed Says:

    Great article, hope ” el ew7oosh ” change their mind about PED’s after reading it, or at least some of them.

  4. bbqpwn Says:

    i dont care about how stupid ppl are and stuff all wt i want is not to pay for a protein/ multi vitamins/ amino or bcaa more than wt ppl pays for PEDs
    it kills me to buy such supplements that r considered as food replacements not enhancers while ppl around r just happy feeding their steroid addiction with a certain amount

    hey qabaq as fahad mentioned steroids dont just make u big, there is million types of it, u can get an mr.olympia look or u can get a brad bit look from fight club and i think fahad was targeting a certain group of ppl, who dont know how to train or eat and they go on steroids or this group of ppl who takes a rlly high dosages that ending up killing their organs
    because u cant just go and tell every1 to stop smoking cig, we all know its wrong but there is ppl who r using it wisely and avoiding “most” not all of the side effect
    Great article fahad i just hope if u can just make an article of how the body can transform quick with the right nutrition/workouts in the early days in gym(2-4 months period) which basically gunna guide alot of ppl who lacks of knowledge OR some of the stupid ppl,
    i might missed some posts in ur blog so i dont know if u posted such thing alrdy or not

  5. Hamdanism Says:

    bloody poison, a guy 21 yrs old guy died in Jordan because the dumbass “captain” gave him injection. This poison must stop !

  6. Bo-Ya3gooob Says:

    Great post Fahad, well written… Lo0ooooL Hilarious, i know what u mean there are alot of those douchbags ur talking about… Liq8 9araw kilhom mjasmeeen, bes bagi ana… :P

  7. wut Says:

    Spot on. Great read. Some people just don’t have the patience for natural bodybuilding. The problem is people just don’t seem to understand that building muscles takes time provided that they’re at least “clean bulking”. Frustrations kick in for those who are not patient enough to wait it out so they turn to the “dark side”.

    I say let them be. The most important difference between me and them is that my gains are kept even if I stop working out for a period of time while their gains will turn to slabs of meat if they do stop. I’ll never consider using steroids until I reach my maximum natural potential. I’m sure by then I’ll be satisfied with the mass I’ve put on, but only will my genetics decide whether I embark towards the “dark side”.

  8. Msk.Ace Says:

    dude you should post this in every gym so those junkies can feel ashamed… it saddens me watching them play because when they left they’re playing like noobshits and think they are the best and it sad because people ask them for advice cause they are lifting insane amount of weights, keep up the great work.

  9. Bader Says:

    People,, ped r there to help us ,, ur missing the whole point

    Dear fahad ur posts r golden ,,, ur tru hero
    Thank you for everyword u wrote on this blog
    Plllz dont stop

  10. hamad Says:

    what a post fahad!! ive been hitting the gym for 6 years..maybe i havent got the body of hulk nor brad bitt because of some injuries and being ill alot …but i know how to train and eat ,,,i cant stop a year long and transform my body in 2 months period.. and it kills me when people say im on steroids !!! guys i know how to train and eat so shut the f** up im not on steroids…
    and believe me ive seen guys buying steroids before even registering in a gym !!!!! if u wana put that junk in ur body atleast train for 1 year get a lean body get ur blood checked and buy those junk buy the expensive ones not the cheap ones… i advise every1 who wana go on steroids go to a dr called al ansari u can find his name in the newspapers…yef7a9 el ghodad o el hermonat o ya36eekom a cycle o ohwa ele ya36eekom el steroids ele te7tajoonha…im not saying its ok but if ur going to do it the best way

  11. Ali from Bahrain Says:

    Guys, the post and comments shocked me big time.

    I have been training for more than five years and never heard of such mass usage here in Bahrain. Plus it is illigal to trade in steriods here (although its available in the black market).

    Is it legal to sell steroids in Kuwait?

    Well done Fahad and may god help you

  12. Ahmed Says:

    Ali: It’s ilegal in Q8 too, but many trainers and body builders at gyms sell them to ppl.

  13. Lara Says:

    Thanks for the post ! It is a good read…hope it reaches the targeted people !
    And so true, the malls are so full of them and it is actually one of the first things one notices walking around…I got the comment from several overseas friends visiting Q8 who thought we have some androgen in our drinking water….
    Keep it up !

  14. Yousef Al Qanai - Fitness Expert Says:

    very well written article, i just want to share two short stories:

    1-One guy i know had to lose a lot of muscle weight due to his heart hypertrohpy issue that he suffered due to the usage of steroids.

    2- Another guy had to cut a piece of his quadro due to severe water retention in the thigh, which had led to the death of muscle tissues (And of course, due to the usage of steroids)

    I dont know why people always try to get fast results so fast. Guys; no matter what you do, a natural looking body will always look better and different than steroid users bodies. Because muscle maturity and beauty does not come with injections. It comes with years of discipline. (guess life is fair after all).

    Wish you the best all and Fahad, well done on raising the issue.

    The fitness world is beautiful and it changes people to the better, makes minds stronger and bodies like bullets, BUT (SOME) Bodybuilders here are ruining the image of sport.

  15. MK Says:

    Now thats what im talking about! SYNTHOL should not be available anywhere. Just look up Gregg Valentino on youtube. Biggest arms ever, got 5 years in jail and a self-mutilated bicep because of misuse. People should start talking to doctors before getting on any type of cycle. Plus post cycle therapy (PCT) is almost non-existant here in Kuwait! Props to those who use properly and to all the guys trying to stay natty

  16. cajie Says:

    Excellent and informative article as always Fahad. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Ali from Bahrain Says:

    This is what MK was talking about:

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