Napket Surprise: Neqsat Ermethan


This wasn’t supposed to be a surprise if I simply checked my email regularly.


Napket took the time to deliver 3 kinds of Ramadan sweets, try of which one of them ranked SUPREME.

  • Um Ali

  • Sahlab

  • Peach Muhalabiya

You see, viagra buy I’m a fan of Um Ali. You can screw up Um Ali and I’d still enjoy it, so imagine how I felt eating a version of Um Ali prepped by Napket, who are known for using high quality fresh ingredients.

To my surprise, Napket delivered. Specifically:

A cute little black Octagon box



3 Ramadan Desserts and an Aromatic Candle, which my mom immediately took since the smell was out of this WORLD!



The 3 Sweet Musketeers



Um Ali. I ate it all without sharing a single spoon.



Peach Muhalabiya. My least favorite, mostly because my taste buds were already stolen by Um Ali.



Sahlab with a stick of Cinnamon right in the middle. I ate half and my dad took care of the rest.



I’d like to thank Napket for sending me this wonderful “Neqsa“!

5 Responses to “Napket Surprise: Neqsat Ermethan”

  1. Bo 3li Says:

    Delicious!! :D

  2. Danderma Says:

    Your name was beneath mine in the delivery list :p

    My sister hogged the Um Ali, my mother saw the candle o the box and said abeehom… el7een ba9awer they won’t let me!

    3leek bel 3afiya! Zain sawait you took el Um Ali its the best of the three. I tried el sa7lab for the first time ams… not bad wallah…

  3. ims85 Says:


  4. FAHAD Says:

    Danderma: LOOOOL I saw the list too! HAHAHA! The delivery guy took out the list and pointed at my blog’s name, then I forcefully took the list and saw yours :p

    The Um Ali was great! O ahali yanaw 3ala el candle.

  5. Sj Al-Beloushi Says:

    Looking at this post, I feel like I gained weight already lol.. Fahad, where can I find shirataki noodles?

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