Half Way There

Today marks Day 16 of the Holy and awesome month of Ramadan. Nothing much has changed from the last update except for a solid 4kg increase from my pre-Ramadan weigh-in.

Monstrous Feedings

Futoor’s getting a bit larger in portion, pill but the two meals after that (11 pm snack and Suhoor) are getting cleaner and smaller.

I also developed a little (just a little) water retention that shows the next morning. Most of it gets squeezed out after my fasted workout, order then I’m back to muscle blown fullness after my gargantuan Futoor feeding.

People have been telling me I lost weight. Not sure if that’s a good thing, but we’ll see what happens after the completion of the last 15 days of Ramadan.

Clean Up

I’ll be cleaning up my Futoor act tomorrow and the day after since I’m planning to attend Aymstrong’s Fitness Session. You see, my Futoor feedings are no joke. Although extremely satisfying, the amount of food leaves me feeling way too heavy for a good 2 hours, accompanied with a protruding yet lean gut (picture a 6-pack belly). I’ll be able to shed 2-3 kilos by Wednesday’s 10 pm workout since it involves a lot of cardiovascular activities. Cardio’s better off performed when you’re light on your feet.


I’ll be leaving you guys with a few pictures from the AlYehya Residence Futoor prepped by the Angelic hands of the lovely Mrs. Um-TryingtobeFahad, also known as my mother!

Low Carb Lean Beef Burgers






Msakhan (My favorite dish of all time!)



Totally forgot what this is, but amazing nonetheless



Machboos Diyay



Really Big Vanilla Muelle Feuille



Cheese Qatayif topped with Pistachio



Nouf’s (my little sister) Kinder Cookies






Another Close Up. I ate half of what you see below. Will never order cookies AGAIN.


10 Responses to “Half Way There”

  1. Taz Says:

    Looks très delicious! Bon appetite ;)

  2. Saud Says:

    Oh yeah tell me about the water weight..
    I remember last time I was in Vegas, I pigged out real bad, after an extreme ketogenic diet.
    So I weighed myself right after my flight when i reached there, two days later, I stepped on the scale !! And WOW!! was I blown away with the fact that i weighed 191 pounds!!… That’s an 11 pounds difference!! I weighed 180 on the same exact scale two days earlier.
    I kinda felt like Zues.. pumped.. Couldn’t see how I was bloated.. with all the vascularity going all around.
    but man.. 5 days later, when I am back home, and two days into my clean diet and a 2 days of extreme detox, I lost almost 15 pounds.. and went back to 176..
    Maybe the best time I ever felt..!! looks like the 191 mark is my ideal number..

  3. Hessah Says:

    Bel3afia Fahad , Don’t forget Eid enshaalah is a Free and Cheat Day and Ramadan Mashallah is nearly half way through, Allah Yo3odah 3alina wo 3alikom

    I do have 1 question, If you don’t mind that is buzzing in my brain fir a while ?
    Mosa5an ‘ bread : Do you have a rough idea of the micro nutrients that it contains ?? The Lebanese Saj Bread ??

    In addition, you are aware that Tashreeb is the king of all dishes in some Kuwaiti’s tables? Do You have an idea how many Kalories are present in such a 100 gm of Roqaq Bread ??
    And you are going to kill me, for the last question, How about Iranian Bread ? How many in 1 bread ??

    I do apologize for the number if questions that I have asked, but your our main source of nutrition


  4. S Says:

    Fahad please write down nouf’s recipe & direction!!! IM DROOOOOOLING. Have some mercy!;p

  5. FAHAD Says:

    Taz: Thank you!

  6. 3ali il yousifi Says:

    i reached my hands out to the screen, crying

  7. OldFriend Says:

    Fahad, what you sleeping schedule in ramadan ? How much are you sleeping to do this work out? Because I am finding it really hard to do it prior to futoo…

  8. Amani Says:

    Please Fahad, i need nouf’s recipe for the cookies.
    Many Thanx

  9. Noufa’s Really Awesome Goowy Kinder Cookies Says:

    [...] You guys asked for the recipe based on what you saw here. [...]

  10. Abi Says:

    Fahad when do you find time to sleep during Ramadan?

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