Fahad’s Ramadan Adventures

For those of you who are wondering what the fudge this is, nurse it’s an update on my eating and fasted training in Ramadan. Let me walk you through the past few days bullet-point style:

Fasted Training

  • Gets easier. TOO EASY.
  • Dehydration, energy and dizziness: all subsided to NOTHING.
  • Workouts are noticeably faster and explosive. I have to add a few more exercises just to pass the time with no issues with low energy.
  • Noticeable strength increases in almost all my lifts.
  • Noticeable increases in repetitions in almost all exercises.


  • Cheating every single day ONLY AT FUTOOR.
  • Cravings for fast food have severely subsided. I only crave gourmet and homemade stuff like Cocoa Room and traditional Kuwaiti food.
  • I’d like to add that my Futoor cheat meals are not that bad. I’m simply adding a few spoons of this and that, followed by a few Diet Care and homemade  sweets.
  • I only crave right after Fasted Training.


  • Leaner.
  • Fuller.
  • Larger.


I’ll be implementing Fasted Training after Ramadan, following these rules:

  • Fasting for 16 hours with only water and anything 0 calorie to consume
  • Train then break my fast by eating 50% of my total daily calories. Translation: I will be packing my gullet with very awesome food.
  • Consume 25% of my calories 4 hours later. Very clean calories.
  • Consume my last 25% 4 hours after that- also very clean.

I’ll be signing off with 3 dishes of what my mom fed me a few days ago. Let me add that since I’ve implemented the magic that is FASTED TRAINING, she’s been the happiest person on Earth. Her only son is finally indulging in her delicious food.



If you’re wondering why I used Mr. Bean’s picture above, please don’t ask. I have no idea either. And sometimes, I’m just random like that.

13 Responses to “Fahad’s Ramadan Adventures”

  1. Hamid Al-Yousufi Says:

    Randomness is awesome. It’s great that you’ve stumbled on such an awesome routine that allows you to indulge AND improve your physique. Congrats, and long may it continue. ;)

  2. Ali from Bahrain Says:

    Leaner, Fuller and Larger!! Wow that’s great achievement dude.

    Well done and please keep us posted with the further updates.

  3. freak Says:

    YES. Someone that believes in the awesome diet! SO HAPPY FOR YOU. looking forward to reading after ramadan :)

  4. mimi Says:

    God bless our moms

  5. Saud Says:

    Don’t ya just love it, getting the kind of results, you might only be expecting while only being on the juice…
    Good luck dude.. Keep it up..

  6. Twaif Says:

    LOOOOOOOOOl mr.bean Is your face cheating everyday at futoor and u can’t bealive it’s okayto do so :p

  7. Bo-Ya3gooob Says:

    Its nice to see ur getting better results, keep it up… and looking forward to see ur fasted training after Ramadhan…

  8. incostar Says:

    FAHAD – what is your total caloric intake per day on average? i am not sure if you’re cutting, bulking or recomping but your 50/25/25% breakdown across meals implies you are counting calories. just curious.

  9. FAHAD Says:

    incostar: I’m not counting in Ramadan, nor do I have a goal in mind. I’m just trying to maintain what I have due to my busy schedule and enjoy feasting with family and friends.
    This is what I’m trying to preach to all of you. With time, you will reach a stage where you’ll be comfortable with the way you look while still being able to indulge in whatever you want.

  10. Manora Says:

    Way sara7a ana sayma o ga3da ashouf ur blog .. didn’t read anything bas sheft elfood o shakla 7adda 3ajeeb ! ask ur mom shlon sawat el first dish asap ! :X
    o el7emdella i am the type elly that eats and doesn’t get fat ;D

  11. incostar Says:

    fahad – thanks for the input. i am there already but always learning so that i dont become like most of the people i know in kuwait and many of the people i know outside kuwait.

    i assume you’re trying to eyeball your intake hence the breakdown so your numbers are really a guidance range.

    i would, however, suggest that most people embarking on a nutritional program adopt calorie counted at least in the outset. it is very valuable to understanding what exactly is being consumed and then being able to eyeball food consumption in the future.

    just my 2 fils.

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  13. Half Way There Says:

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