Desserting with Diet Care

Diet Care have outdone themselves! I bought 3 Ramadandalicious desserts from The Sultan Center. Since I’m entertaining my taste buds by cheating at Futoor everyday, ambulance why not do my body a favor by opting for low calorie varieties?

Are they worth it? MIN UMA!*

(*Translation for my non-Arabic speaking readers: very-very-very-too-much-oh-my-G0d-oh-my-God-AWESOME)


Light and a tad bit crunchy. This looked the most tempting and was the lightest amongst the 3 available choices. Very low fat (6 grams), medicine very low sugar (4 grams) and a good amount of protein (6 grams). Packing 220 calories and 34 grams of net carbohydrates, a scoop or two of protein would compliment this dessert very well if you’re planning on eating it on it’s own.



This doesn’t taste anything like Kunafa, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste anything less than GREAT! Othmaliya was a KILLER, but this Kunafa massacred whatever was left of my taste buds. Lowest calories than the rest (210), moderate fat (7 grams), moderate net carbs (30 grams), low sugar (6 grams) and a fair amount of protein (6 grams).



OOOOOOOOOHHH! Holy Cinnamon Date bar! WOW! I expected this to get the shaft, but it easily trumped the first two! Unfortunately, it’s the highest in calories (310) fat, net carbs (39 grams) and sugar (29 grams). It’s also high in fiber (5 grams). Protein’s at 6 grams. Since this tastes REALLY REALLY GOOD, I would approve of it as long as you compensate by shaving off fat or carb calories from another snack or meal.

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